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10 Common baby health problem you must need to know

Some disease commonly occurs every child.  Every parent should know what the baby health problem of his baby and how to care your baby. Now you must know this common health problem of your baby.


1.  Diarrhea is the one of baby health problem:

Diarrhea is a common child disease. Diarrhea is an abdominal disease. It is caused by polluted water, bacterial infection, drinking more fruit juice or dyspepsia. Mainly causes of diarrhea are polluted water with bacteria and virus. If your baby is suffering the diarrheal disease, give him more fluid or water.  Otherwise, he suffers dehydration. If baby’s diarrhea is not control in 24 hours and sees any complication with diarrhea like fever or feverish, pain abdomen, dark stool or bloody stool, nausea or vomiting. You must contact a doctor for consultation.


2.  Fever:

When body temperature is increased by any causes is called fever. Many causes or reason can increase your baby body temperature. Generally, fever is not the infectious or complicated disease. No tension need for when your baby’s body temperature is increased. But care your baby every time. But main thought is when the baby body temperature –

  1. Increase temperature more than 1000 F for your 1 to 3 month age baby.
  2. Increase temperature more than 1010 F for your 3 to 6 month age baby.

For decrease baby body temperature cold sponge off the whole body or bath your baby with the mild cold water.


Causes of fever:

When you see any complication with fever like

  1. Fever with a cough.
  2. With Vomiting
  3. Fever with diarrhea or dysentery

Any other complication you see then you must take a doctor consult for your baby care.


3.  Constipation:

When constipation your baby stool is hard or difficult to pass stool. It is water and fiber foods may be less to eat. After a meal one glass of water feed your child. If this problem is not reduced, or your child is vomiting and stomach swelling, then go to the doctor.


4.  Rash:

The rash is the common baby skin problem. Baby diaper is the main cause of baby skin rash so, for the time to time, the baby diaper should be changed. Besides, the moisturizing cream can be used. When eczema in child’s skin and the stop using rough soap and apply moisturizing cream. If your baby serious rash, then consults your doctor.


5.  Cough:

If the child’s fever, the mild cough may be from fever. If your child cough to give him warm water with ginger and garlic. Children older than 4 years old can feed hot water with one teaspoon of honey. Children younger than four years of cold and cough medicines should not be given. These drugs do not work for children’s causes many side effects.


6.  Stomach Ache:

Abdomen pain or stomachache is a very common problem in the babies. It occurs to colic, reflux, trouble, infection for food poison or food problem. Stomachache also occurs for eat a new type of diet. Most stomach pain that does not matter any thought. If your child suffers dysentery, vomiting, then please consult your doctor.


7.  Toothache:

From the age of 6 months of your child’s teeth will grow. When the teeth grow from the gums, the child may be in teeth pain. If you can light massage the baby’s gums with your fingers. Pain medications can give a doctor’s advice.


8.  Stuffy Nose:

You should not be given cold medicines for children under 4 years old. You can use NaCl nasal drop to clean nose. Bath to your child with warm water. When your baby difficult to take breathing at night you must give him nebulizer vapors.


9.  Nausea and Vomiting:

Children can sometimes be vomiting. There’s no need to worry. Feed lots of water to your baby. If your baby is too sick, then contact your doctor.


10. Eye Problem or Conjunctivitis is most baby health problem

Eye problem is the common health problem of your newborn baby or child. Mainly causes of baby eye problem are entering breast milk into the baby eye. When your baby suffers eye problem you must take advice from the eye specialist.

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