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Amazing tips must read how to cure baby acne easily

Baby acne commonly seen in newborn babies. As the age progresses, sebum secretion disappear and the baby is constantly exposed to dryness, can babies with such dry skin also acne? We introduce effective acne care using baby lotion.

What is the cause of acne in your baby?

Like acne which can be done for adolescents and adults, acne can also be acne on the face of a baby. There are few symptoms that acne spreads as the face becomes red. Generally speaking, the cause of acne is thought to be due to excessive sebum stain. Baby acne has several possible causes.

First causes of baby acne – Pore clogged

My baby is very sweaty because of its metabolism. While it is said to sweat twice as much as an adult, pores are not as developed as adults and their function is immature. Baby acne is said to be one of the causes that pores become clogged after plenty of sweat by the baby.

Second causes of baby acne- dirty bedding used every day

For babies who sleep most of the day than adults, the cleanliness of the bedding that touches the skin is very important! When the bedding is dirty, the skin may respond sensitively to the external stimulus and acne may be formed. Not limited to bedding, please wash clothes frequently for items that touch the baby’s skin, such as towels and clothing, and keep it clean.

Third causes of baby acne – The influence of mother’s hormones

Newborn babies appearing in many babies by 2 to 3 months after birth are considered to be affected by male hormones received in the mother’s belly. Male hormones have an action to promote the secretion of sebum, and create skin condition that is easy for acne. Especially in the case of a baby boy, it is said that it is easily affected by male hormones, it is said that it is easy to make newborn acne about 5 times as much as a girl! Generally, it is said that the influence of hormones will diminish after 2 to 3 months of age, secretion of sebum is suppressed and the state of the skin will improve.

Fourth causes of baby acne – Dry skin is also one cause of baby acne

When the influence of the hormone in the neonatal period disappears, the baby’s skin is dry all year round, and frequent moisturizing is essential. When it is heard as acne, it is an image that can be partially formed in places where sebum is rich, but acne is a symptom originally caused by lack of water. No matter how dry it may cause acne. In addition, as the baby’s skin dries, the pores become thinner, so sebum becomes more likely to become clogged, causing a vicious circle to occur.
Moisturizing is also important for prevention of babies’ acne. Acne care in baby lotion

Baby acne care

If you say acne care, you tend to think that “suppressing excessive sebum secretion”, but to prevent and improve baby’s acne, it is more important than anything to enhance the barrier function of your skin. I will introduce 2 step cares that is effective for baby’s acne.

Step 1 Clean your baby’s skin first

In order to prevent and improve babies’ acne, it is important to keep your skin clean first. Baby acne swells badly red and does not require special treatment unless it is extensive. It is essential to keep your baby’s skin clean, such as wiping sweat frequently or putting it in a bath with baby soap. Besides, if you try not to damage your skin, in most cases, acne will heal with nature.

When babies are to take a bath, let’s bubble well and wash gently using baby soap. At this time, if you make fine bubbles, damage to the skin is suppressed. Rinse carefully so that no bubbles will remain, it is an important point for acne prevention. After bathing, let’s wipe gently with a soft towel.

Step 2 Moisturizing care with baby lotion

After cleaning the baby, moisturizing with baby lotion is effective for acne care. For baby’s face and whole body, for moisturizing care, we recommend baby lotion with excellent elongation and outstanding comfort. It contains more moisture than baby cream and baby oil, so it is perfect for babies that are easy to dry. If it is an emulsion type baby lotion, it can be used for baby massage, so it’s two birds with one stone.

I pick up the appropriate amount of baby lotion and keep my face and whole body moisturized. If you baby massage while talking to the baby, both mother and baby will get relaxing effect. If you moisten with a baby lotion, it will enhance the barrier function of the skin and will make the skin with a fine texture. Effects will come out as you continue every day, so you can keep your skin moist and irritated.

For infant eczema such as baby acne, the baby lotion is very effective. The baby lotion which can be used for delicate baby is perfect for body care of the mother who is sensitive skin after childbirth. Let’s make a habit of baby lotion time which has risen after taking a bath to protect your baby’s cute face from acne!

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