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How to help your baby crawl?

Fun games to help your baby crawl

 Sleeping is an important step in development and you can do lots of things to encourage your baby and make it fun for both of you before you take your first steps for the baby crawl.


Most babies begin to walk on all fours between 7 and 10 months, but sometimes it can take longer.

To help your baby, one of the best things to do is to allow him to get on his stomach for a while being watched. This helps to develop the abdominal muscles, back, and neck necessary for the baby to crawl. Most babies can be put on their stomachs for a short time from the age of one month. At first, many babies do not like to be on their stomachs so try short, one- to two-minute sessions on a hard, smooth surface first. When your baby is lying on his stomach, looking up and trying to reach a toy or dad’s or mom’s face, he does some sort of exercise that makes him stronger and ends up helping him crawl.

Once your baby starts to walk on all fours, every movement is a good move. There are many ways to fidget as each baby has their own way of learning movements. Take pleasure in watching your baby embark on new adventures, and be sure to take plenty of photos.

Fun games to help your baby crawl

There are many fun games you can play to develop your baby. This way, he will feel more confident on all fours and you can also have fun.

  • Babies love their own reflection (like everyone else!), So place a small child mirror in front of your baby. He will try to reach and catch him, and as you move away, he will move forward to catch him.
  • Grab one of his favorite toys that can roll like a ball or train and place it out of his reach. As the toy rolls, he will want to crawl after him on all fours.
  • Play a mini game. You are a monster in pursuit of your baby in the house. Taken with laughter, he will crawl to escape you.
  • Sit on the floor and move a ball closer to and away from your baby. In this way, you will teach him to change direction when he crawls.
  • Put things on the floor, such as bubble wrap, foam wrappers, wrapping paper and cloth. This will allow you to encourage your baby to crawl to discover the different sounds and textures of each.

Change a baby that crawls

Once your baby crawls, your next challenge will be to follow him. The essentials like changing your baby’s diaper will require you to pursue it throughout the house. The diapers Pampers Baby-Dry  Pants will help you change the worry that your little one can be clean and ready to roam in an instant.

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