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Baby skin care golden tips everything you must know.

A newborn baby skin is so soft and sensitive. Your baby skin is so much deferent that of an adult.  So you must sincere to care your baby’s skin.  After the born a baby his skin is immature, it will take two to three years before fulfilling all its functions. Every mom should be caring his baby skin.


The skin of the newborn baby is very soft, tender, fine, beautiful and particularly fragile. Exposed to the cold, the sun and all external aggression, it requires the greatest attention.Redness, small pimples, eczema, diaper rash is common problems in the baby skin. Our advice is to bring baby skin as much comfort as possible.


Why need daily care for baby skin?

After the birth, a baby first few months of his life need special care for baby skin. Baby Skin care Give your baby a loving physical care by washing and bathing them and provide daily care offer opportunity. Whereas baby skin is so soft and tender, so special caring them for his good health, physical and mental development.


How to take care of baby’s tender skin and protect them from the variety of skin disease?


Do you know how to bath or clean your baby skin every day? The self-hygiene is must require for caring your baby skin.  You must know everything when you care your baby. Here are some golden tips for caring your baby skin and prevent many diseases of baby skins.


  1. At first, wash your hand because your hand can spread germ into the baby skin.
  2. You should be bathing your baby every day with warm water.
  3. Wash the baby scalp daily with soap and water.
  4. You can also brush the scalp with a soft baby brush.
  5. Clean the baby face, hand, nail, leg, buttock, and everything. You must be clean the all parts when your baby goes to the toilet and playing the outside.
  6. Must hand wash your baby before take eat.
  7. Use a soft towel for the clean baby skin.
  8. Wash or clean the special part of the body.
  9. Should be regular clean the baby umbilical cord with antiseptic lotion. Clean umbilical cord until the fall.
  10. Rubbing a little of the mustard oil in the baby skin.
  11. Use natural and organic baby skin care products you can always keep your baby skin looking healthy.
  12. Change diaper or nappy after five to seven times a day or when require.
  13. Avoid diaper if the baby has red skin around the diaper area. Otherwise, baby infected by diaper rash.
  14. You are dealing with diaper rash avoided by keeping the diaper area open to the air as long as possible.
  15. After bath use some lotion or moisturizer cream immediately. Do not use so much cream or lotion in the baby body. Apply just normal amount which absorbs the baby skin.
  16. Washing new clothing and towels before using them.
  17. Change and clean everyday baby clothes.
  18. The person who cares for the child, who touches him, who kisses him, who bathes him every day, must have clean hands because it is the most frequent source of contact on the baby’s skin.
  19. We must avoid applying highly perfumed creams, with substances that can irritate your baby skin.
  20. Apply sun cream or lotion to protect exposed to the sun.


Any complication and severity of your baby skin problem you must contact a skin specialist or dermatologist.

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