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What baby skin care is necessary for babies?

Baby skin care – How to use baby lotion for newborn babies, dry skin of the baby, skin roughness, cause of rustling and measures.

Your baby’s skin is rich and rich, is not it! However, although the baby is small, the sweat glands are the same as adults. Better metabolism is good, so it is very sweaty. In addition, baby’s skin is delicate and prone to skin roughness. And it may be hurt by scratching a little bit. What kind of baby skin care is necessary to protect such baby’s skin? I summarized the baby skin care necessary for a baby by age.

Baby’s skin needs daily baby skin care

Some people may think that special baby skin care is unnecessary for babies. Who has skin that is rich and beautiful and has beautiful skin?
However, the actual baby’s skin is more prone to skin roughening than an adult. It is necessary to protect your baby’s skin that is still immature and low in barrier function from external stimulation by the hands of mama.
We introduce what baby skin care is necessary for babies by age.

  1. Baby skin care up to around 3 months old

    Babies that have just been born are active in the secretion of sebum due to the hormones of mama. Baby’s baby skin care of this time, it is important to drop the dirt firmly. Therefore, let’s basically put a bath every day. The longer the bathing time is, the more burdens are placed on the baby, so it is a point to put it as quickly as possible.
    Face and head with a lot of sebaceous secretion tend to cause rough skin such as infantile eczema and newborn acne when washable, so we will gently and carefully wash it. It is also effective to remove sebum dirt using gauze. Also, where the skin and skin rubbings, such as under the neck and underarms, are parts where sweat and sebum are easy to accumulate, we will remove the dirt firmly.
    Let’s do moisturizing care indispensable for baby rising with baby lotion etc. Please pick up the appropriate amount of baby lotion and skin care so as to draw a circle gently on the baby.
    In addition, underwear that a baby can wear is also recommended for those breathable and gentle to the skin.

  2. Baby skin care after 4 months old

    There are individual differences depending on the baby, but the baby’s sebum secretion decreases sharply at around 3 months to 4 months old. It is less than half the amount of sebum secretion compared with adults, and it becomes a very dry skin condition. Dry skin tends to get scratched and rough skin. Therefore, it is important that the baby’s skin after 4 months of age goes firmly with baby skin care by moisturizing.

    Of course, wash away dirt and sweat in the bath, as the drying of the skin moves at a stretch as the bath rises, we will give your skin moisturizing skin care as soon as possible to moisturize your skin.
    When weaning food begins, around the mouth becomes dirty and repeatedly wiping may cause rough skin. It is safe to protect your mouth with a moisturizer such as baby lotion.
    Babies tend to get hot because the body temperature is high and the range in which babies can become active more and more and more too. It is good to wear clothes as much as 1 piece less clothing than adults.

Use baby lotion for rough skin prevention

To prevent babies rough skin, baby skin care by moisturizing is very important.
There are various kinds of baby’s moisturizer, but among them the recommended baby lotion. Baby lotion has good elongation, it does not get sticky even after it is applied to your skin, and familiarity to the skin is outstanding. Lotion may be licked by the baby so let’s choose something that can be used safely even for non-additive and hypoallergenic babies.

Baby lotion is recommended especially after bathing. Let’s take a baby skin care before your skin dries as the amount of water decreases rapidly after 10 minutes.
It is also important to paint neatly in wrinkled areas such as cheeks, eyes, mouth, neck and so on.
Baby skin care is communication of baby mama

Baby Skin Care

Baby’s baby skin care, basically “cleanliness” and “moisturizing” are the most important.
Baby skin care is not only a role to protect your skin but also one of communication between mother and baby. Enfolding with mother’s warm hand, doing baby skin care with a lot of affection is to enrich parent and child’s heart. Because there is also the effect of creating a relationship of trust, enjoy baby skin care while talking with the baby.

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