Baby skin care

What is different baby skin care required for babies?

» Baby skin care basic knowledge

Baby’s skin is slightly different from adult skin. Necessary baby skin care is not the same as the adult, but do you know what to do? Here, in the article by the doctor supervision, I explain the skin care necessary for the baby in detail.
The baby’s skin is fine, plump and fine, but it is very delicate. So, what kind of baby skin care should you do to protect the baby’s healthy skin?

Skin quality is slightly different from the skin of adults, so the points to be noticed with skin care naturally differ. It is facial care that adults emphasize in skin care, but in babies, care is taken of the whole body, as well as the posture that is exposed to steaming and irritation in the diaper and crotch.

We supplement missing ingredients with various skin care items, but in babies, it is urgent to keep clean first rather than painting. Be sweaty and metabolism also actively Keep baby’s dirty skin clean! This is the core of baby skin care. Here, I will introduce the skin care which is perfect for your baby’s skin in detail.

» Baby skin care up to around 3 months old

Baby when I was born early, sebum secretion is active due to the influence of mother’s female hormone. And the face and head are the most frequently secreted sebum. Anyway, be sure to take a bath every day, this is the first step of skin care. NG is a long bathing time, a few minutes is appropriate, but it is important to remove the sebum dirt firmly there.

It is hard to bath a baby who does not even sit up with the neck, but when washing your face, not just by tracing your face with gauze, but firmly placing the soap and body soap for your baby on your forehead and cheeks and collecting Let’s cleanse the sebum dirt. Babies have plenty of rubbing skin and skin, such as neck and armpits, you and joints of limbs and limbs. Since it is a part where sweat and sebum are easy to accumulate, let’s gently and carefully wash with your fingers and gauze.

If washing with bathing is inadequate, it may cause skin troubles such as “infantile seborrheic eczema” and “newborn acne” like scabs on the face and head or a yellowish oil scab. In most cases, make sure to drop the sebum firmly, in the hot season it will be better to cool it with a cooler or dehumidifier.

After taking a bath, wipe gently with a towel, and let’s do moisturizing care with baby lotion etc as much as possible as possible.

What to wear is recommended underwear of gauze ground which is breathable and gentle to the skin. If you are sweating or it is dirty, you should change clothes frequently, so it is important to keep cleanliness.

» Baby skin care after 4 months old

The secretion of sebum decreases from around 4 months after birth, making it more dryable than adults. Let’s focus on moisturizing care, paying attention to dry skin.

As before, it is recommended that you drop the sebum dirt firmly when you take a bath and add baby oil to care such as baby lotion after bathing. Also, in order to prevent burning and diaper rash of babies becoming more and more active, it is better to replace diapers as often as possible, and wear clothes as much as one less than adults.

Also, as the baby food begins, the mouth is dirty, but if you wipe repeatedly it becomes rough, firstly moisturizing care is important.

When going out, let’s do UV protection measures properly with hats and UV milk for babies.

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