benefits of breastfeeding

Benefits of breastfeeding are infinitive for baby’s health

If you want to ensure your lovely babies better survival within the birth first year you have to feed breast milk. Benefits of breastfeeding is a lot of you can’t imagine how many ways helps baby health and how much breastfeeding advantages has. Continued Brest milk is recommended for 6 months but its better if you ensured up to 1 year. After born normally a baby can face diversity factor of health disorders. Sudden infant death syndrome is the utmost dangerous period for every baby. Protect their own babies health conditions is the common duty of every mom. So breast milk is which things that works like a medicine. So make sure your baby feed your breast milk at least six months thereby you will get a healthy even stronger toddler.


  • Breastfeeding milk is a great source of nutrition:


Benefits of Breastfeeding milk is utmost important for every newborn baby.  After birth when mom provide which milk called colostrum and contains high protein, low sugar and fulfill crucial things. At least 6 months is recommended for feeding milk one year is better for baby’s health conditions. There is no side effect in breast milk rather it helps baby’s growth, the brain develops even everything. Continued breastfeeding if continue at least one year it will bring the big opportunity for both mom even babies health.


  • Breastfeeding milk prevents health disorders:


Though cognitive benefits of breastfeeding milk contain many nutrition’s it prevent health disorders. A little baby may face colds infections but if she intakes mom breast milk she will safe 63% from this issues. There are many infections will be facing newborn which includes Gut infections, Middle ear infections, tissue damage, Allergic issues even much more. With all of that will be prevented by feeding mom breast milk. Breast milk is one kind of medicine. type 1 diabetes may 30% even type 2 diabetes  My  40%) can be prevented by this milk.



  • Breastfeeding milk works like Antibodies:


To stop viruses and bacteria attract antibodies play great roles. For littler toddler breast milk brings huge opportunity to keep well. So considering the infant health mom should consume healthy foods thereby baby will get those vitamins by feeding mom milk. The recent study had shown that which baby feed breast milk they feel better rather than who don’t do this. So for babies overall growth development every mom should do breastfeed. Thereby they will less likely to suffer from diarrhea, infection, and even infant death syndrome.


  • Brest milk protects child’s eyes:


Importance of exclusive breastfeeding is numerous because    Brest milk contains the huge amount of benefits like eyes protections is one of them. Whereas Brest milk is the good source of DHA which is components of the retina. Which baby feed another commercial milk they might face eyes problems on the other hand who feed breast milk they will face less likely for eyes issues. So feed your baby breast milk as much as possible.


  • Brest milk increase immune system:


Definitely, Brest milk increases immune system no doubt. A newborn baby has to overcome many dangerous stages then Brest milk works like a protection wall. If the immune system stays in low position then the baby might fall various health issues. Increase immune system is the proven benefits of breastfeeding.  Bottle feeding is not suitable for increase immune system it goes baby low-quality immune system. At present every doctor suggests feeding breast milk to boost the immune system and true.

Hence Benefits of breastfeeding contains huge opportunity so every new baby mom should maintain this at least six months it will be better if followed overall one year. If you ensure your baby breast milk and then your baby ensured you she is safe from the dangerous moment. So try to analysis which one is best breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

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