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Best Amazing Question & Answer for caring newborn baby

The most mistakes you are doing often in caring for your child! After the birth of a newborn baby, her mother and family members get quite worried to look after him. Milk feeding the baby, getting the bath, toilet pee properly explore the question is what to do come to their mind. Nasim Jahan associate professor of neonatal at Al-Din Medical College Hospital said here, “How to caring newborn baby“.

Best Amazing Question & Answer for caring newborn baby

Q: Every mom should know essential caring for her newborn baby especially those who are new mothers. In the cases, what kind of caring can be included for caring newborn baby?

Answer: The first thing that comes to mother’s mind after delivery of a baby, “what kinds of food the baby should be eaten?” The first thing I want to say a mother that firstly the child should be fed mother’s shawl milk. The mother’s milk production will be increased rapidly if you frequently feed milk the baby.


Within 24 to 48 hours the mother can’t give production well of breast milk. Actually, Milk does not come in that right way. The fact happens in our country is, ‘the extra milk is fed the baby. For that, you need to know the correct manner of mother’s breastfeeding, again and again, and then it will give milk.


In that case, the mother’s brain will get the signal in order to produce milk. At first, the signal doesn’t come. When the child sucks the milk, milk is made at the time the brain signals. And don’t be disappointed.


Many times we notice mothers feeding others milk than breastfeeding. We can’t give anything other than mother’s milk. Mother’s shawl milk enhances the immune system. It gives protection from disease Diarrhea, pneumonia. A lot of times we observe someone give honey, sugar-candy to the baby for taste; this is actually not true. The baby sucking milk habit is reduced by that point of view. The baby should be breastfed frequently.



Q: We know it all how much important of shawl milk is. When the shawl milk naturally will come and how we can understand it is shawl milk?

Answer: The color of shawl milk will be a little yellow color and thick slightly. That will be fed first. Shawl milk will come in 24 hours and white milk come later on.



Q: The main food for caring newborn baby is breast milk. However, we sometimes like to give water or something extra. What do you think about it?

Answer: For six months the baby should be fed mother’s milk. In addition, to increase the mother bond immune system will also be developed and it would be better. Besides, the immune system of children from bacteria receives through breast milk.


Q: Most of the parents are in concern about newborn baby toilet too. In maximum time we notice, ‘the child may have the frequent bathroom. In fact, what kind of the toilet of a baby should be?

Answer: Whenever a child sucks breast milk, the child makes water at the same time. After birth from 24 to 48 hours, whereas milk is low, it can be lower urine. There is nothing to worry about it. After 5 days of his birth, a child urinates from 10 to 12 times and also the toilet. The bathroom of the baby from the first is between 24 to 48 hours, its color is black.

I usually say that it meconium. Two days after the meconium usually are yellowish. Each child varies the subject. Sometimes it happens for some child, they took a little closet at the time whenever they drink milk. It usually called gastrocolic reflex. This is very normal. Many parents are very worried about it. Probably the mother thinks of diarrhea especially when they are one month old.


The processes of the evacuation of children differ from each child. The child those who drink their mother’s milk, they have a kind and who drink formula milk, they have another kind. Usually, the child who drinks mother’s milk, they may have the closet from 8 to 10 times. Every time she can evacuate, whenever she drink her mother’s milk. There is nothing to be alarmed about it. This is a normal thing.


Sometimes, however, some children evacuate once or twice in a week. After one month you can see that these changes. These changes can’t be found at the first time. After making these changes tend to be. Just then the mom gets worried of the irregular bathroom of her child where before was the regular bathroom so why is this happening? In fact, the breast milk is digested quickly for any child, and the latrines are low.


And children has less closet. It is normal if he evacuates once in seven days. And even seven to eight times a day, it is also normal. Many children have seen two or three days in a row in the closet, it is also normal. They do not have anything to worry about.



Q: When we should be care?

Answer: I think that only when all of a sudden the amount of the same type may be used in the bathroom, the toilet color from yellow to brown or red, blood coming out of the closet. Another thing to keep in minds when, how many times the urine.

With the increase in the amount of urine in the toilet properly, but do not worry about it. However, if you see the amount of urine is reduced but the amount of toilet is increased, then you have to understand that the child is suffering from loss. And of course, must go to the doctor.



Q: There are a lot of people are very concerned about the newborn baby bath, and how it should be done when?

Answer: Actually to fall down the Navel usually takes 7 to 14 days. However, it is good to keep dry the Navel. The bath shouldn’t be taken but wipe away. We like to advise here that wipe away the entire body with a towel soaked in warm water. And always be careful to keep the navel dry.


After the fall of the navel, the child can bathe twice a week till one and a half months of age. There is no need for every day. He will take a bath for three days in a row. And the rest days will be wiped away. Children must be kept clean. Baby shampoo or soap available in the market, it will give him a bath.


Then come the issue of oil for newborn baby. In this case, we usually say, not to give the baby the oil before one and a half months. Children’s skin is thinner and various types of rash. At the time, many of the oil fields may be rash. In that case, say, one and a half months later, the oil, the lotion can be given. And use the oil before the taking bath.



Q: We saw earlier, the mother-aunty used to wearing mustard oil after bathing in the sun mix. The mustard oil used often is it logical?

Answer: We actually refuse to use mustard oil for newborn baby. Because is very thick. And it shows the rash. The child’s body grows dirty for that. And it has susceptible to infection. The mustard oil carries Strong heat. We usually say, ‘it is better not to use mustard oil. Baby oil or olive oil can be given and even not that before one and a half months.


Q: One thing that we see, very soon after the birth of the child her grandmother give bath the baby with soap very strongly, how important is it really?

Answer: Actually to protect the baby body there is a fluid given by mother and it is called amniotic. Then there is another layer on it, which is Vernix caseosa. It enhances the immune system. So it will go away after six or seven days of her birth.

This is when the child begins to move slowly becomes clear. Therefore, it is clear that the disease germs are invited to rub. It is not advised.



Q:  Voice will be sweet as honey, begin to feed bread with honey. This is so important?

Answer: Honey is not required.



Q: What do we need to give stressed on navel?

Answer: We should keep the navel dry. On drying Navel falls after 7 to 14 days. It was said earlier to use antiseptic and sevlon. But now it is said, do not need to do anything.

For some reasons, if the navel gets red around it and belly button goes to swelling, must go to a doctor. Another thing is normal, there is a lot of swelling in the baby’s belly button, then don’t need to be worried. Why is inflammation of the navel? Do not worry about it. It would be normal to be a year old.

It can be examined, for maximum children at the age of three to four days bilirubin increases, and it about is jaundice. The mother was very worried. It’s actually a very normal thing. It is not like adults jaundice to be worried.



Q: How much bilirubin we have to be the concern for?

Answer: Every child falls in jaundice, but it is more or less. It is noticeable, three to four days leads to jaundice and six or seven days again decreases it. If not decreases, you will go to the doctor. Usually, if it is 15 to 20 we treat with the photo light. And many times we face the situation blood changing.


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