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Care for Babies with Low Birth Weight

At birth, if the child’s weight is less than two and a half kilograms then it is assumed that the newborn baby is suffering from weight loss, which is called Low Birth Weight Baby (LBW). If the child’s weight is less than one and a half kilograms, then the infant is said to be a very low birth weight or very low birth weight baby (VLBW) and weighing less than 750 grams is called Extreme Low Birth Weight Baby ( E LBW). Generally, the premiere babies are underweight. But in many cases, normal birth babies may be underweight.

Causes of low birth weight::

  • Delivery before 37th weeks of pregnancy
  • The mother’s malnutrition
  •  Anemia,
  •  Immature pregnancy
  • Pregnancy with multiple babies (two or three children)
  •   Infections of the uterus,
  •  uterine abnormalities,
  •   Chromosomal abnormalities,
  •  High blood pressure,
  •  Malaria and toxemia
  • It also involves social-economic status and educational status

The problems of low birth weight newborns may occur:

  • Because the lung structure is not well-formed, breathing problems,
  •  Jacuzzis appear due to excess of bilirubin levels,
  •  Suffering from malnutrition,
  •  Disease resistance is low

Newborn care for low birth weight  :

1 . Low birth weight child care in hospital  :

After the birth, it is necessary to keep the doctors and nurses in intensive care in hospital primarily for the recovery of a low body weight newborn. In the absence of a low birth weight ligament structure, it can cause many problems in breathing after birth. In the hospital, there is a temporary respite for the ventilator.

The majority of low- born children have bilirubin levels high after birth. These bilirubin levels are indicative of jaundice. Children are treated with this type of jaundice under the light of phototherapy.

Neonatal intensive care is needed for proper nutrition for low birth weight children. Here the child is tried to bring the normal weight back with adequate nutrients. The baby is initially fed with intravenous fluid or saline, or with the help of nose.

2 . After release from the hospital care at home:

When the child becomes normal and learn to eat mother’s breast like other children and if the baby is growing up, then he is taken home from the hospital. Said that children in light and air traffic B to be. Keep a watch on the temperature of the house as normal.

3 . Baby body care :

The low birth weight stranger can be very easily diseased. So these children have to take special care. Low birth weight babies are infected with hypothyroidism. That is why the body should try to keep the temperature normal. Always keep the child in a warm environment. Temperature can not be reduced. Children will be caught cleanly. Baby clothes should also be kept clean. If there is any problem in breathing, you should be cleaned immediately the saliva or cough. You can wipe his/her body with the towel soaked in warm water and squeezed, to give your baby a little comfort. After wiping with a towel, the child’s body should be wiped with a dry cloth and then wear a dress uniform.

4 .  Baby nutrition

Nutrition food is essential for a low body weight baby. There is no substitute for breast milk for the proper growth of low body weight children. All types of nutrition are available in mother’s milk. Also, as well as for mother’s milk, it may also require multi-vitamins and minerals, which can be given to the baby according to the doctor’s advice.

5 .  Keeping children away from the visitors :

Since low birth weight infants have less immunity, before touching the children need to wash their hands each and every time, and fewer people should be kept to take care of the child. If there is a visitor in the house, you should try to keep the child away from him. Otherwise, there is a possibility of various infections.

6. Care in KMC (Kangaroo Mother Care)method

Low birth weight newborn care is a special way of being, ” kangaroo mother care. To avoid the problems of low birth weight newborns, various health problems, and complications which involves the following tasks::

  • Keep the stranger in a warm environment.
  • Just breast milk feeding.
  • Prevent disease infections.

And with the upper portion of the mother and the baby close emotional bond created is. So that normal development of the baby is easier. The key part of the KMC system is –

  •  Touch skin on skin.
  •  Only breast milk feeding.

For successful KMC, these two things will be done properly. Then the baby’s weight will increase rapidly and its physical and mental development will also happen rapidly. In this method, because the mother is intensely on the mother’s breast, her newborn body is always warm. As a result, low temperature occurs, the risk greatly reduced it.

7 .  Keeping child away from smoking and alcohol:

Remember that the smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol is dangerous for newborn babies. May be the cause of death for a low-born newborn. It should not be right to take a bath in front of the baby, drinking alcohol or drugs. It can cause a child’s breathing and various infections in the ears and chest.


Do you know about the role of parental care in a particular child’s care? How will low weight born children grow naturally? If you’re aware parents, but answering these questions purely emergency for you. The physical condition of children varies rapidly. Contact with a specialist for the baby’s care can ensure the wellness of a new born baby.



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