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What medicines use for child fever?

child fever

What to give to baby when fever rises? The High Authority of Health has made recommendations; they take stock of cases requiring medication for child fever, different therapeutic options depending on the age of the child as well as cases in…

Scoliosis in children: how to prevent it?


Scoliosis is the curvature of one side of the child’s spine, which can be structural or postural. Scoliosis in children is the curvature to the side of the child’s spine. We must distinguish between postural scoliosis, caused by the adoption of incorrect posture, and…

What is cryptorchidism and what is its treatment


What is cryptorchidism? Cryptorchidism definition: One or both testes is the absence from the scrotum is called Cryptorchidism. As the baby grows in the uterus, baby testicles develop in your abdomen. To later descend to the inner inguinal ring and, during the last…