Baby skin care products

How to choose baby skin care products?

There are various kinds of baby skin care products. Many things such as hypoallergenic and natural ingredients are carefully considered in terms of safety over skin care products used by adults. Such as to match the delicate skin of your baby.

There is nothing you cannot use cosmetics that mother uses, but there are many things that contain extra perfume and chemical ingredients, so it may become irritating to delicate baby’s skin. For babies’ skin care products what you seek is “moisturizing”, other necessary beauty components are not so much, so gentle and simple ones will be good.

To protect the baby’s healthy skin, skin care using baby skin care products is the best. Here, we will introduce the points of how to choose baby skin care products used for babies.

Baby skin care products select by ingredients

The most important point of selecting baby’s skin care supplies is “safety”. Let’s choose things with as little irritation as possible. Looking at the ingredient label, care should be taken when chemical ingredients, additives, fragrance etc. are contained. Since chemical components derived from petroleum may adversely affect the adult skin, even for cosmetics for “baby”, it is better to choose one that contains natural ingredients rather than chemical ingredients.

Perfumes, coloring agents, alcohol and so on also increase the burden on the skin, so it is better to avoid it if possible. As preservatives are sometimes necessary to maintain quality, they do not need to be so nervous. Also, the indication “Allergy tested” is also one of the safe materials.

As natural moisturizing ingredients, ingredients such as camellia oil, beeswax, chamomile etc can be mentioned.

Baby skin care products select by symptom

There are “lotion”, “cream”, “oil” as skin care products for the moisturizing purpose, but each has advantages and disadvantages.

“Lotion type” has lotion type and emulsion type, the former supplementing moisture to the skin, the latter confining the moisture and beauty ingredients of the lotion on the inside of the skin. People who want to raise the effect, such as when winter or when drying is concerned, should be used in combination with “cream type” or “oil type”.

“Cream type” can expect high moisture retention and protective effect. “Oil type” can be expected to have high moisturizing effect in a small amount, can also be used for the care of ears and navel.
If you are concerned about the baby’s skin to consult a doctor

Baby ‘s skin is more susceptible to stimulation than adults, and the condition of the skin changes depending on the baby, so troubles such as cosmetic skin may occur. If you use cosmetics and have symptoms such as skin irritation, please stop using it immediately. If symptoms do not persist, let’s see a pediatrician. Also, if you are concerned about using a commercial cosmetic product, let’s consult a doctor beforehand.

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