Ear infection in babies

Ear Infection in Babies: Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Ear infection in babies
Ear infection in babies

As a conscious parent of your adorable baby, you can easily diagnose your child’s fever, cold, runny nose or tooth decay. But what about your baby’s ear infection symptoms? An extensive research by the doctors has shown that by age 3 three quarters of children are a victim of ear infection. So, being a conscious parent does not always give you an edge of finding ear infection treatment at the moment when it is necessary. But worry not! Help is on the way. Here in this article, we are going to talk about ear infection in babies, what are the symptoms, and most importantly ear infection treatment.

Ear Infection Symptoms in Babies

A few minutes ago, your precious baby was sleeping peacefully and suddenly he woke up crying and you cannot put him or her back to sleep, you think that your child had a nightmare? No that is a symptom that your child is having an ear pain at night. The common symptoms of ear pain are earaches, ear drainage, trouble sleeping at night or hearing. But research shows that for babies the main symptoms of ear pain is that the baby cries a lot more than average, they have fussiness and, they are expressing more clinginess.

Causes of ear infection in babies

Baby Ear infection
Baby Ear infection

Ear infection for babies mainly occurs when they get infected fluids or pus behind their eardrum. The doctors have explained the most common cause for babies, the ear infection is the trapped secretions in the middle part of the ear. Bacteria and viruses are also the reason behind ear infections of babies. This can result in the reddened eardrum and bulging. Expert doctors have said that since babies of age 3 do not retain strong immune system they become most vulnerable to ear infections. Babies are exposed to many bacteria and viruses so when they are affected with ear infections it takes them a significant amount of time to get recovered.

Baby ear infection treatment

Sometimes parents want to go for the easy remedy which is giving the baby antibiotics by the prescriptions of doctors. But dear parents you are putting your precious baby into danger rather curing him by giving them antibiotics. Sometimes this can be life-threatening for babies since antibiotics have allergic reactions. Also, by using antibiotics as an antidote you are actually building resistance for the germs of ear infections to an antibiotic. Around 15% of the children get diarrhea and vomits severely by the use of antibiotic stated by the American Academy of Pediatrics. But don’t be afraid in some phases antibiotics can be the best antidote. American Academy of Pediatrics suggests antibiotics as a cure for the babies who are 6 months old or younger, and for those children who are older than 1 year and showing severe symptoms.

Home Remedy for Ear Infection in Babies

By now you are aware of the symptoms and causes. Here are some of the home remedy for ear infection which can cure your baby of ear infection.

  1. Mild Squeeze: Place a mild squeeze or a moist compress for 10 to 15 minutes over your baby’s ear. This may help to eradicate the pain.
  2. Olive oil for ear infection in babies: If you see that the fluid from the ear of your baby is not draining then try providing little drops of room temperate or mild olive oil into the affected ear of your baby.
  3. Keeping your baby federated: Try providing your child more fluid than often. Absorption of fluid aids to clear Eustachian tube. In this way, the infected fluids which are trapped in the ear get released.
  4. Uplift the head: Slightly uplift the bunk of the head of your baby. This will improve the sinus drainage. Do not place any pillow under the head of your baby during the ear infection.

Put an end to the ear infection – How to prevent ear infection in babies

You can put an end to ear infection of your precious baby by using these simple tricks:

  1. Tidy and neat environment: Keep your precious baby in a neat environment. Make sure that the environment is warm and bugs free. If a member of your family has fallen sick try to keep them away from the baby.
  2. Say No to smoking: That’s right! Do not even think about smoking if there is your baby in the room, make sure they are also protected from secondhand smoke. Because this can cause the ear infection to be more severe.
  3. Accurate Bottle Position: Maintain a semi-upright position when you are feeding your bottle feeding the baby. This way the formula will not flow back into the Eustachian tube.

Let us just give the conclusion by suggesting you when is the right time to call and take help from the doctors.  The Central for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that you should immediately call the doctors if you observe that your infant has the fever of temperature 104.4 degrees or higher if they are below 3 months old and if there is blood coming out from the ears.


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