Fever in children

Eight Home remedies for baby fever

Home remedies for baby fever – Infants and children have an immature immune system that leads them to catch much more infections and diseases than we adults, and more repeatedly. There are children who are lucky enough to pick up a few things and more or less spend their children well and others who, poor children, have a history that could well carry the name of some old man with several decades behind them.

Whatever group your children are in, surely they have had the fever on more than one occasion and you have more than once thought “and cannot I do something to bring the temperature down?”. Yes, you can do something and sure your child will appreciate it. Whether or not you gave us fever syrup ( paracetamol and ibuprofen are the most typical), there are more things that can be done and that is why we offer you today eight home remedies for baby fever to lower the temperature of babies and children.

Eight home remedies for baby fever

    • Remove clothes so that the heat can disperse: clothes have the ability to “catch” body heat and maintain it, also preventing the outside air from touching our skin and cooling us down. When a child has a fever, ideally, there is no clothing to avoid it. The fresquitos are better, so the fewer clothes they wear better.
    • Let it not be hot wherever the child is: if it is winter and we are at home with the heating on it may be interesting to lower the temperature of the house. In summer we must take into account the same thing, which they are in a ventilated room, but without being in drafts or under the “jet” of the air conditioning.
    • Bathe the baby or child, leaving a good time to soak: the other solution to steal heat to the body is to put it in contact with water that is lower temperature. Avoiding cold baths because they can be fatal. The ideal is to heat the water as always (34-36ºC) and let the time pass so that the water goes down temperature (playing with it, explaining things, etc.).
    • Use cold compresses:  We can take a small cloth or towel and wet it with cold water. They are applied on the forehead, nape and wrists and are changed as they cease to effect (it gets wet again). A similar effect, if the child is a little older, is to put a bowl with cold water to put the hands and part of the arms. As the blood circulation goes through your hands and arms the body is going down a little temperature (which would be a resource not to spend all day completely in water).
    • Make a liquid diet for rehydrated: when the child is sweating because of fever. Some children also do not want to eat a lot if they have a fever and can better accept a liquid diet, which will help us rehydrate them. Juices, water or broths are recommended and, in the case of babies, oral serum or breast milk (artificial if not breastfeeding).

  • Try to have the child calm: if the child has a high fever, he or she may not feel like blinking. If he does not have a fever, he may still have the strength to move (and move a lot) and there are many children who, even with fever, do not stop. It is not that you have to tie them to the chair so they do not move, but it is advisable to try to do with the children activities that are calmer that does not increase their body temperature or sweat.
  • Give her sunflower infusion: To help lower the fever is one of the properties of the sunflower. They use dry petals of the sunflower flower and make an infusion with them. To do this, boil water, put the petals inside and let stand 10 minutes. Filter the mixture and add sugar or honey, something that gives a little sweet taste.
  • Cool the child’s feet: Many people take advantage of the summer to walk barefoot and, in contact with the cold soil (depend on the soil you have), the heat seems to decrease a bit. In addition to making him walk barefoot or put his feet in a basin with warm water pulling cold, we can put slices of raw potato on the soles of his feet. When they warm they change them for others that should continue to steal heat from their feet.

Home remedies for baby fever

Do not we take him to the emergency room if the fever goes down?

Fever is a symptom, not a disease. The fever alone says that there is some kind of infection against which the child is defending himself and that infection usually ends up leaving more symptoms (earache, sore throat, stinging when urinating, etc.). If the fever has just appeared a few hours ago it is most likely impossible to see the focus of the infection and it is advisable to wait at least 24 hours to see if the child is still ill and if he complains about something.

I say wait because many virus are so fleeting that a child has a fever one day and the next day no longer , and I say wait because many times you go to the pediatrician with a fever a few hours ago and you return without knowing what you have because the focus is not seen still.

Now, if the child is not well and the fever is very high, I would not wait. I prefer to sin as prudent as reckless. And if you have less than 3 months, because of a little fever that you have, you have to go to the hospital (I do not tell the pediatrician of the primary care center) because they are babies so small that it is necessary and advisable to know why you have tenths or a fever.

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