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Essential equipment and accessories for babies

Gearing up for the baby’s coming can be a difficult task, especially when it’s your first time. This non-exhaustive list can serve as a basis to equip you with the essentials accessories for babies.

If you are planning to have a Baby Shower, use this list to fill out your custom baby wish list.

Equipment for your newborn:

  • A cradleAs you grow up, your baby will need a crib. Here are some important indicators about the right model:
    • Make sure that the distance between the cradle posts is less than 6 cm (the diameter of a soda can) and that no amount is missing or broken.
    • Check that the mattress is firm and fits perfectly (you must not be able to pass more than two fingers between the mattress and the edges of the small bed).
  • A baby monitorYou will find them of any kind and at all prices. Many moms opt for a model with a video screen that allows them to keep an eye on their baby while they sleep.
  • A car seat. You can get a child seat designed specifically for newborns and infants, or a model that can be used by infants and later transformed for an older baby.
  • A changing tableInstall it away from windows or radiators. Use the safety straps and make sure all currency exchange equipment, including many diapers and wipes, is on hand.
  • A changing bagGoing out with your baby may require some workout. Having a diaper bag containing the essentials will get you started faster.
  • A baby carrierIt keeps your baby close to your chest and allows you to go about your business while maintaining close contact with him. Make sure it holds your baby’s head.
  • A strollerThink of a stroller that goes from the reclining baby model to the upright version suitable for older babies. A wide base, a solid locking mechanism and straps to keep your baby safe are essential.
  • Bottle and breastWhether you choose to breastfeed or use formula, having a few bottles will allow you to share feeds with dad. Newborns typically use 120-ml bottles, while older babies use 240-ml bottles. Note :
  • A deckchairIt is important to have a safe place to sit baby while you are busy with something else. Remember that you should never place a high child seat.
  • A swingSome parents assure that there is nothing better than a swing to rock their baby. Make sure to buy a reputable and reliable brand, follow the installation instructions to the letter and use the straps constantly.
  • The baby bathYou can give your baby a bath as soon as his umbilical cord has fallen. You will need a small plastic tub and a safe place to install it.
  • A thermometerDigital thermometers are the easiest to read but are more expensive. Avoid ear thermometers for babies under 3 months old.

If you are making a birth list, noting these articles can be a good idea. Consider doing some research online before making your decision.

Remember that all parents and all babies are different. Take the time to find what accessories for babies are works for you.

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