How long should breastfeed

How long should breastfeed to your baby?

The decision mainly depends on you and baby’s condition how long should breastfeed your baby. Though you are a housewife or, working lady its better feed breast milk as long as possible. Whereas breast milk contains huge protein and nutrition’s which is most important for baby growth development. In order to take the real decision, you can help your partner, family even lactation consultants. When should breastfeeding stop basically its depends on some factors through your personal matter.  Recent studies show that breastfeeding at least six months is crucial but if you long this time it will be helpful for your baby.


According to the world organization, breastfeeding is recommended for first six months and then mom should introduce baby to the solid food. Research also has shown that breast milk gives baby strong power even increase immunity system. If you ensured Brest milk to your baby the first 13 weeks now then you will ensure that your baby is protected from harmful diseases and infections. There are many moms think after breastfeeding they try bottle feeding for the extra energy that’s totally wrong. If you produce enough milk in a day it’s enough for a little one. Not need extra bottle feeding and mind it through breastfeeding a close relationship is built on mom and baby.

How long should breastfeed this is the common problem to across the world. Stop feeding is exactly a personal matter many emotional issues influenced in this matter. We just see that many working ladies feed their baby after returning job, on the other hand, many housewife moms breastfeeding for 3 months only without any cause. Maximum western cultures women do this up to 12 months but another countries women may feed up to 2 years. Every mom should mind it breastfeeding is the better solution for your baby from bottle feeding.


According to the recent study:

How long to breastfeed to get benefits is a common question to every mom. Generally, it’s a practice of child and they enjoy very much. Most of the women feel comfort through breastfeeding and most of the mom when they again become pregnant continue breastfeeding to the older children. Older children not ready to stop breastfeeding even they feel happy.

There is no age limit to stop this because it’s like water.


Stop breastfeeding naturally:

The study says that breastfeeding is the matter of practice which little one used to this they normally don’t want to stop this. How long breastfeed about this matter mom should become worried. But cut you’re worried and it will be stopped naturally. Little baby feels happy and enjoys too much in feeding time. If we see across the world here you can find babies continue breastfeeding up to two years, three years, and even fourth year. So through it naturally and build a relationship with your baby. Expert says Average age to stop breastfeeding is about two years but its better if you follow the babies happy without any odds.

Really breastfeeding this the great moment for every mom and baby easy to build the good relationship.  When mom wants to know how long breastfeed my toddler should I will advise stop it naturally. It will be ideal for baby and mom health.


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