how to increase breast milk

How to increase breast milk naturally? – Step by step guide

Step by step guide for the new mom: how to increase breast milk

As a new mom, it is hard to supply enough breast milk naturally the first few weeks. And just 90% women are faced with the specific problem. So you must know how to increase breast milk naturally.

According to the recent study and experienced mom talking our article is compiled exactly how to increase breast milk naturally.  Plenty of ways mom try to increase healthy milk it includes shut the bedroom door, turn off mobile and much more. At this point, mom is not always the success. Specific below we have focused how to supply breast milk naturally?


Applying power pumping: to increase breast milk naturally

Do you know how to pump more breast milk? Using power pumping breast milk can naturally increase? Power pumping is normally a humming machine but at this stage, you can apply for Healthy milk. Of course one day you have to try one time that means pump for 20 minutes and must need rest 10 minutes. Again pump for another one 20 minutes and must need rest 10 minutes. Through this way maybe you get enough healthy milk and will increase breast milk naturally.


Foods and Drinks to Increase Milk Supply

According to study, there are several foods and drinks can help to supply healthy milk. This method works in an overwhelming way and if you are too much worried tries this. That food not only increases breast milk but also helps mom and babies health protection.


  1. Oatmeal: everybody knows about the oatmeal it is a delicious food at the same time health protection food. If you add this food to the breakfast you confirmed that you and your baby will go heath track and might be the milk flowing.


  1. Lactation Cookies:

Do you know this yummy delicious Lactation cookie the great source of breast milk?  Many recipes have on the online whatever your choice you might add this cookie in the morning it will headful for you and babies health.


  1. Lactation Tea:

Many people think that from tea how to get more milk. Lactation tea is a great source of baby milk. These products are made by healthful ingredients and try to add to pair with breakfast.

  1.     Essential Oils to Increase Milk Supply:

Essential oils are not always recommended it’s just as a standalone solution. Oil is serious as you use this on your nipples and if baby directly intakes this. Some case you can use Fennel oil but be careful. Diuretic properties complicated fennel oil is recommended only more than 10 days. Another name is Basil oil though it has not diuretic properties you can apply this long time.


  1.     Try Double Feeding:

To increase breast milk production many ways. Double feeding technique may be worked few situations. When your baby stops feeding you should try again and put her upright just only against your chest it’s all about 15 minutes. It will try until she goes to full sleep.


  1. Feeding with relaxing mood:

To increase breast milk relax mood influence great impact so take your baby to bed in feeding time. And really relax mood ensured you that your baby is getting milk continually and it stays a long time.


So as a new mom if you follow above 6 points in hopes of increasing breast milk naturally will help your toddler and will get enough milk. If you continue to maintain those rules you might be benefited and your baby will grow healthy.

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