How to stop breastfeeding naturally

How to stop breastfeeding naturally? Step by step guide

Exactly its depends on numerous situation when should stop breastfeeding without pain. After six months many moms want to back work, many moms do concept again, and other causes. And if you do continue feeding to your toddler then it will bifacial for your baby’s health protection as breast milk is the Grete at a source of nutrition calories. Though Brest milk is beneficial for baby’s health some situation persuades mom to stop this. This article is totally covered how to stop breastfeeding naturally. So stay with us.

Step by step guide – How to stop breastfeeding naturally?

How to stop breastfeeding naturally
How to stop breastfeeding naturally


  1. Wait for naturally happened:

If you become six months old you can have to wait to stop breastfeeding naturally. At this age, she learns to consume other liquid food and solid food so naturally, she turns to the milk less often. Then gradually your milk will dry up without any distraction.  Research shows that 20% of babies do this naturally.

  1. You may do a pump:

You may do pump if go the route then it will reduce the feelings of engorgement. In order to reduce milk flow, you can eventually do this specific work then after someone automatically this breastfeeding method will stop and you and your baby will safe and be health protection. Pumped milk is the great solution to stop milk flowing pressure.

  1. Try to Reduce Milk Production:

Of course, you have to try to reduce milk production but ensured that your toddler is plus six. Research shows that decrease milk production may safe you breastfeeding cold turkey.  Also, try to avoid some specific food which helps milk production high. If mom avoids that food then milk will reduce gradually.

  1. Try to use cabbage leaves:

Putting cabbage leaves on your breast may help you to stop breastfeeding cold turkey. You can put them on your bra and do you know cabbage leaves also helps you absorb some of the fluid from the glands. Cabbage leaves stop the feeling of fullness in the breast.

  1. Find the breast milk alternative:

If your baby is 6 months old and tries to reduce breast milk than you can find alternative substituting it may be the bottle of Irion complication and you can feed this just one time in a day. If she suite on this baby formula after a few days you can give her nutrition based food. Then gradually she will use on this baby food.

  1. Find some new idea:

If your baby feed breast milk several moments then it will be hard to remove this habits. Find some new idea this is the best solution for it removing this habits. When she feels to feed then you can go outside even can play with her or see her interesting things it may be song, cartoon etc.

Breastfeeding has no side effect it’s the most important for every baby health life but just only six plus month baby’s mom can try to stop breastfeeding. In hopes of if you want and follow this rules, you may stop breastfeeding naturally.

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