Stop Breastfeeding

When and how to stop breastfeeding

Stop Breastfeeding: Breast milk, it is the most basic and natural source of nutrition for your baby. It is a proven theory that there is no alternative for breast milk. The American Academy of Pediatrics refers mothers to solely breastfeed the infants for the first 6 months of their life. The first 6 months of infants are very crucial in fact the newborn baby gets most of their nutrition from the breast milk of the mother, it aids them to fight against any diseases and helps them to grow healthier. After the first 6 months, the babies are introduced with other solid foods and this is where the process of weaning begins.

Stop Breastfeeding
How to Stop Breastfeeding


The process of weaning begins with your infants taking food from other sources than the mother’s breast. After the first 6 months, the babies are introduced with solid foods and this is where the mothers slowly begin the natural weaning process. There is no perfect or right or wrong time to stop the breastfeeding for your child. The choice lies completely up to the mother to decide what is best for her and for her baby. So here in this article, we will walk you through a small process where you can make an effective plan to stop the breastfeeding.

When is the right time to stop breastfeeding?

As we said earlier that there is no right or wrong time to stop breastfeeding. It’s up to the mother to decide. The mother may have practical reasons like going back to work or becoming pregnant again or may be experiencing problems while feeding the baby, for example, sore nipples or rashes which can make it difficult to breastfeed.

How can you stop breastfeeding at the beginning?

It is best suitable to build a gradual routine to reduce the number of times per day you breastfeed your child. Stopping abruptly can be harmful and uncomfortable for you and your baby. Stopping all on a sudden can cause your breast to engorge which can lead to mastitis.

The doctor suggested that is better and easier for a mother, and for a baby as well to drop one breastfeed at a time.  If your baby is less than one year, you can replace the breastfeed with a bottle of formula milk. If your baby’s age is more than six month you can use a beaker or cup instead. Bringing together formula feeds and breastfeeding can be a very efficient process to lead the child through conversion.

How long will it take?

Dear mommy, patience is the name of the game. The weaning technique differs from babies to babies. This procedure solely relies on how swiftly and how well your child adjusts. At the very beginning, take things at a slow pace. Prepare yourself to be pretty flexible. In this way, you can slow things down if you need to if you or your baby are ill for example. Rather stopping the breastfeed completely, try dropping few weeks in a month. If, your baby is not expressing any signs of stopping the breastfeeding stay calm and be patient.

Baby-led weaning

Weaning becomes easier when your baby starts to lose the interest in nursing. At the age of around 7 to 12 months when the baby gets habituated with solid foods, they become fussy and impatient while nursing or they may easily get distracted. This what you should take as a sign that it is time to stop, it means the baby is finally ready to adjust with the transition.

Planning the Weaning Process

Approaching slowly is wiser considering the age of your baby. Experts suggest that abruptly withholding your breast can be traumatic for you as well as your baby. It can lead to plugged ducts or breast infection.

You can simply try these methods:

  • Observe what happens when you give your baby a bottle or a cup instead of nursing. As a substitute, you can provide expressed breast milk or cow milk. Provide cow milk only if your baby is 1 year old.
  • Decreasing the feed one at a time over a week provides the time window for your baby to adjust. Your milk supply also reduces this way without leaving your breast engorged.
  • Start reducing the nursing time. If you usually do nursing for 10 to 15 minutes try 7 or less.
  • Try canceling the feeds if you are only nursing couple times a day. If your baby asks to nurse reassure your baby that you will start soon or try to distract her.

There is no structured timeframe for you to stop breastfeeding your child. The process will occur naturally after your child has come to the age of 7 or 8 months when he gets habituated with other foods and will be distracted during the nursing period. In this time you can apply this few steps of weaning process to stop the breastfeeding.

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