Child care

Most Important Question and Answer about child care

After the birth of a child, many mothers and family members are seen to be worried about child care and care. If there is no proper child care during this time, the child may have various problems.

Q: What do we mean by a stranger?

Answer: In four weeks, the child’s age is between the newborn.

Q: When should the child care and care of a newborn be started and what will happen?

Answer: It should actually be of birth. But before that, the issue started a lot. While the baby is in the stomach, the mother must give antenatal consultation, stay in the check up. Since then child care has actually started. During this time, the mother will teach her what to feed the baby after the baby’s birth. What can the mother do for the child? From the first, which is needed for baby care, the nutrition needs of the baby, it is the mother’s breast milk. Milk is not outside. As soon as we have a baby, we ask for milk as soon as possible in one hour. The shawls that the mother leaves out should not be left in any way. The first vaccine for salad baby because there is more protein, disease resistance is also more important.

Q: How long should you breastfeed?

Answer: Only six months of age should breastfeeding. After six months of age, breast milk, as well as extra food, should be given.

Q: In many cases, after birth, honey or sugar water is fed for sweet words like honey, how logical they are?

Answer: These are actually no logic. They do not need for a child. Mother’s milk is needed for the baby. It has been originally specified. So breast milk is not compared to anything. There is water in breast milk. Carbohydrate, protein, fat all have. Minerals, vitamins are also there. Where there is no need for water. Defense: After six months, many people will be given the idea of food? Answer: There must be additional food. Additional food means homemade food, solid foods. Otherwise, malnutrition will occur.

Q: How exactly is the trend of cow’s milk and baby milk?

Answer: It is not right at all. Mothers should be fed milk. And what I was saying about extra food, soft things would be eaten. Such as fruit juice can give. Orange juice can give. Bananas can be eaten. Eggs can behalf cook. First, the egg yolk will start. Then gradually the white part will start eating. Since protein can be so allergic. Do not eat everything at once. Gradually feed one after one. Then eat rice, pulse, oil and eat khichuri. There are many mothers, who feed Cerealak to the child. Cereal powders, cereal rice etc. Asked, madam has all the nutrients in there. They are basically commercial foods. Whatever we give, there are those things. So nutritious homemade meals.

Q: Bathing is very important in the care of a newborn. When will this bath start? Not everyone knows how to make a bath. What do you think?

Answer: Actually a newborn baby should have a bath. However, the bath that is to be done immediately after the birth of a child is not. So long as the baby was in the mother’s womb, there was a warmth inside. It will take a little time to adjust to the outside air. So we do not take bath immediately. Maybe take bath from 48 to 72 hours. There is no need to give Savalan and Datel these things in the water. There is no air in the room where there is no air in the bath with hot water.

Q: What kind of environment will the child keep in the house?

Answer: The child should not be kept in such a house as the outside air gets more. At least one child can not bear that wind for a week. The baby will wear thin clothes. You should not sweat more. Clinging with the cloth does not apply to our country. Applicable in the temperate country.

Q: There are many prejudices about the newborn’s navel. What about this?

Answer: The navel itself falls apart. Navy does not have to be dropped. There is nothing to do. It just dried up. But now we say in the first condition to give little hexes. Then there is nothing else to do.

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