Uterine Polyps

Mid-pregnancy bleeding caused by uterine polyps?

Uterine polyps – In the middle of pregnancy, the stomach starts to stand out little by little, and it is a time when fetal movement becomes a pleasure. Also released from the morning sickness, mama will also feel better.

However, there may be a sudden bleeding in the middle of such pregnancy.

If you bleed after the middle of pregnancy you are worried about premature birth or abortion. But utero polyps are often found in the middle of pregnancy, and bleeding may occur from this polyp.

So this time,

  • If you have bleeding in the middle of pregnancy, should you go to the hospital? 
    · How can we police uterus polyps?
    · If you find uterine polyps in the middle of pregnancy, will you operate?

I will explain in detail what kind of uterine polyps are, the reasons why they become uterine polyps, surgery and so on.

Is bleeding in the middle of pregnancy polyps?


There are many cases where polyps cause bleeding in the middle of pregnancy. While we are sending our daily life, we also experience serious damage to the womb, bleeding with mucosa hurting even with a little impact.

Although it is very shocking when uterine polyps are found in the middle of pregnancy. Basically, it is benign there is no possibility of becoming cancer as it is or worrying about adversely affecting the body.

There are two kinds of polyps

There are two kinds of uterine polyps that can be found in the middle of pregnancy. Each part you can do is different, so let’s have the knowledge correctly.

Cervical canal polyps

The cervix is a tube connected to the vagina part, which becomes one axis and supports the uterus firmly. The cervical canal may be cancerous, but polyps may be possible in some cases.

Endometrial polyp

Unlike the cervix, the endometrial polyp is a symptom in which polyps are formed directly in the endometrium of the uterus.

The endometrium itself repeats thickening and thinning, following the amount of female hormone. But when proliferation power-up, it becomes partly polyps.

What is the cause of polyps?

Although cervical polyps and endometrial polyps are said to be more often found in the middle of pregnancy, they are not necessarily limited to mid-pregnancy.

One of the causes is considered to be a huge change in hormonal balance.

Also, in the case of a mother who has experience of giving birth, or has a miscarriage experience, the uterus undergoes inflammation in some way during pregnancy, which may trigger the endometrial polyps in some cases.

The cause of the polyp itself cannot be said to be clear. However, compared to mothers who have never experienced pregnancy, there is a tendency that mothers who have already experienced birth often tend to be made up.

Such polyps are also different from person to person, there are cases where it becomes bigger than 5 mm from a very small case.

If bleeding occurs in the middle of pregnancy, contact the clinic


When there is bleeding in the middle of pregnancy, let’s check the clinic and confirm it in whatever state. Bleeding in the middle of pregnancy often leads to the discovery of uterine polyps.

To inform the state in detail

Let me know the details as you bleed in the middle of pregnancy and when you contact the clinic.

It is necessary to tell firmly what week of pregnancy it is when you notice bleeding, what kind of bleeding was.

Also, it is sometimes asked whether there is a stomach or whether it has changed to a physical condition, so it is important to communicate in detail the current situation without panic.

Then, if you need a consultation, let’s go calm down to the clinic here as well.

Sometimes hemorrhage occurs after health examination in the middle of pregnancy

If you have endometrial polyps or cervical polyps, bleeding may occur after a pregnancy medical examination in the middle of pregnancy.

Damage by palpation or ultrasonic examination at the time of a medical examination is transmitted to the mucosa and bleeding occurs from the part where the polyp is made.

Because cervical polyps and endometrial polyps are both very soft, even a slight stimulation bleeds.

Because it is a stable period in the middle of pregnancy, we may do sexual life with our partner, which may result in bleeding from this stimulus.

Also, if the polyp itself is relatively large, the blood does not circulate directly to the polyp, so the mucosal tissue becomes necrotic in the polyp part, there are cases where bleeding which seems to be menstruation can be seen from here.

Do you cut out uterine polyps in the middle of pregnancy?


If polyps of the uterus are found in the middle of pregnancy, do they have to be resected by surgery? It is very uneasy to have surgery in the state that your baby is in your stomach.

I often see the progress

The uterine polyps found in the middle of pregnancy depend on the size, but basically, the case that you see the course is mostly.

Endometrial polyps in the middle stage of pregnancy and cervical polyps are rarely judged as malignant tumors and are judged to be benign and even if they are observed as it is, it is almost naturally absorbed into the body is.

It becomes resection when the polyp is growing big and the possibility of naturally healing is low.

Cutting out is like this

It is a case that polyps are excised when there is no effect or bleeding increases even if you take medicine to make polyps that have become larger to a certain extent small.

Furthermore, there are cases where polyps are suffering from infertility due to polyps.

Sometimes we inspect after resection

If it is necessary to resect a polyp, it may be inspected to determine whether it is benign or malignant, after resection according to the size of the polyp.

It is considered malignant if the polyp has already changed to cancer cells or when the risk of endometrial hyperplasia is high.

Sometimes we do a detailed examination to confirm the lesion.

Endometrial hyperplasia is a disease in which the endometrium, which is the mucous membrane that covers the inside of the uterus, is excessively increased and becomes abnormally thick.

In the process of proliferation, cells of the endometrium may become cancerous and progress to uterine body cancer (endometrial cancer).

How to remove polyps?


If you become a diagnosis that you need to remove polyps in the middle of pregnancy, what kind of resection method is used?

Also, is there no effect on the stomach baby by resection?

Endometrial curettage (well done)

If the endometrial polyp is somewhat enlarged, polyps may be removed by methods such as endometrial curettage.

Endometrial curettage is a method of inserting instruments or the like called forceps into the uterus and excising the part of the polyp.

Basically, there is no need for hospitalization, resection is done at outpatient and you can go home on the day.

It rarely gives bad influence on daily life, the baby of the stomach, as well. However, after the endometrial curettage procedure, when the bleeding continues, it is necessary to examine again.

Hysteroscopic operation

One method that can be used for cervical polyps or endometrial polyps is hysteroscopic surgery.

In this method, the cervical canal is preliminarily expanded to the size that the camera can pass through.

Once the cervix has spread, you will be carrying out the actual surgery. It is a way to remove polyps while checking the inside of uterus and cervical canal with the camera.

Compared with curettage performed in an invisible situation, it is a method that can firmly excise the polyp from the root part.

Basically, there is no pain while surgery is being done. It is almost always to use anesthesia or sedation.

Regarding resection of polyps during pregnancy, it is important to consult with physicians and discuss it, because there are both positive and negative thinking.

About hospitalization and anesthesia during hysteroscopic surgery

The type of anesthesia, such as general anesthesia and lower body anesthesia, also depends on the hospital policies, the number of polyps, the size, and the symptoms of the patient, but there are cases where you can go back to operation on outpatient without anesthesia.

In general, most cases are hospitalization the day before surgery and discharge will be the case if there is no problem on the next day of surgery.

Are you safe in pregnancy anesthesia?

The baby’s influence due to anesthesia is the most concerned for mothers during pregnancy.

For babies, it is better to avoid as much as possible during early pregnancy, which is important during development, but cases have not been reported in which anesthesia of surgery actually resulted in baby malformations or stillbirths.

Although opinions vary with pregnancy anesthesia, it is a general idea that the amount of anesthesia used for surgery performed in a hospital never leads to baby malformations or stillbirths.

However, because it can not be said that it is necessarily safe, take the explanation of the doctor firmly and let ‘s tell you anything uneasy or doubtful.

Is it no problem if it passes mid-pregnancy?


Mid-pregnancy polyps are excised depending on the place and condition, not decided. Also, if you can live without problems after the middle of pregnancy, there are not a few moms that you feel secure.

However, it can not be said that it will be absolutely safe if it is in the middle of pregnancy. In some cases, it may become a symptom that must face each other even after entering the late stage of pregnancy.

Sometimes it repeats

Uterine polyps in the middle of pregnancy and cervical polyps are mostly naturally healed, but once they have healed they may repeat again.

When polyps found during the middle of pregnancy naturally cure, they often do not recur until childbirth, but there are cases where they rarely recur in a short period of time or polyps are found again after childbirth.

As polyps can still be formed by changes in hormonal balance, those who are easily affected will inevitably repeat.

If it becomes bigger until childbirth, the case of resection may also be

Although it is a polyp that is often naturally healed, if it seems that polyps found at the beginning of pregnancy become larger by childbirth, there is a high possibility of leading to massive bleeding at birth, and it will be resected until then I will.

Will it become infertile if I can polyp in the middle of pregnancy?

Some moms are worried that they may become infertile after finding endometrial polyps or cervical polyps in the middle stage of pregnancy.

Regarding the relationship between polyps and infertility, there is a part that can not be said to be completely zero.

Depending on the part where uterine polyps were made infertility, invasion of fertilized eggs is difficult to landing. The state of the endometrium may become uncomfortable and may become difficult to become pregnant.

Nonetheless, there are very few infertility cases due to endometrial polyps and cervical polyps. So there is no need to worry too extremely.

What we know as one data is that the pregnancy rate after removing the endometrial polyp is 75% or more.

However, if you frequently repeat polyps, polyps may be formed throughout the endometrium depending on the state of hormonal balance. In such cases, the tendency to infertility becomes stronger.

What is the subjective symptom of polyp?

If polyps are found in the middle of pregnancy, do they have subjective symptoms other than checkups or bleeding?

There is no pain in particular

Even if polyps are made, there is no particular feeling of pain. The polyp itself is not recognized by the body as a cell that causes pain.

Therefore, most moms will not be noticed even if cervical polyps and endometrial polyps are made.

Some bleeding may be overlooked

In the case of bleeding to the extent that the color of the potatoes turns brown a little. There are not many moms that do not care much much.

As the stomach grows again in the middle of pregnancy, some bleeding may be seen due to such influences.

However, it is almost the case that polyps are found after a bleeding and then polyps are found. And it can be found in a subsequent medical examination unless overstuffs are not strong if there is no big problem.

Even though it is found in health examination in the middle of pregnancy, listen to explanation calmly

Although polyps are mostly found in pregnancy medical examination in the middle of pregnancy. It is not good to be conscious of every day because of fear of endometrial polyps and cervical polyps.

Even if polyps are made, there are many benign things. If you do not notice the next pregnancy medical examination there is no extreme adverse effect.

Even if polyps are found at the medical examination of pregnant women. Let’s listen to the explanation of Doctor calmly and think about how to cope and spend later.

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