Newborn baby care

Newborn baby care needs after birth a baby

 Newborn baby care needs after birth a baby. When birth a baby you must take care of him. You must follow our baby care tips.

After the birth Newborn baby care needs under the mention care.


  1.  The breastfeeding of newborn baby
  2. To keep the newborn warm
  3. The bath for the baby
  4. Navel caring
  5. Hair Cutting
  6. Eye caring
  7. Skin caring
  8. Timely vaccinations
  9. Note the bad symptoms and danger sign.
  10. To wipe the newborn baby
  11. Take your child to clean on a piece of cloth.
  12. Wrapped the body of the newborn with the cloth.
  13. Wipe the head well.
  14. Then the throat, neck, and shoulders better.
  15. The chest, stomach, and arms rub well.
  16. Then the back of the child well.
  17. And now from the waist to the feet to the crown well.
  18. Finally, do it for few more times in the same manner from head to foot.
  19. After that drop down the cloth.
  20. Take the newborn baby on a piece of dry and clean cotton cloth for wrapping.
  21. Note that some parts of the fabric of the upper part of the head and of the bottom part of the feet of the newborn are added.
  22. First, the excess parts of the fabric of the upper part of the head cover to the forehead of the newborn’s head. Then the two upper corners of the cloth, and cover the shoulders.
  23. Now cover the feet and legs of the infant with the extra fabric.
  24. Then cover the chest and abdomen well with excess cloth of both sides.
  25. After completely wrapping keep the baby to the mother’s chest for warming.
  26. And now help to feed shawl milk.



The problem that could be of your newborn baby:

  1. Not breathtaking after birth
  2. Do not cry after birth
  3. The convulsions
  4. Fainting
  5. Difficulty taking breath or leave
  6. Increased body heat
  7. Body is too cold
  8. Body color changes to yellow
  9. Red navel, odor or pus in navel
  10. Skin sores, blisters or cumulus large grain red and swollen
  11. Persistent vomiting
  12. When or if the movement is less prone than usual
  13. Weak, irregular, if not weep or cry.

What to do if not breathe your baby:

  1. Clean with soft cloth or towel wipe the child’s entire body well.
  2. If the dark green bathrooms stick on nose and mouth, clean with clothes by fingering around.
  3. Tilt back the child and message frequently on the side of the spine along to the bottom by the lower part of the palm of the hand.
  4. Please note the child’s color and breathing. If the lips, tongue and mouth colors are pink and breathing regularly, then the child should be breastfed.


What not to do if not breathe:

  1. Hang on the foot of newborn baby opposite
  2. Slapping
  3. Spray cold water on
  4. Enter blowing or the wind into Ear or nose
  5. Sinking
  6. Press the cage of chest
  7. Alternating in hot and cold water sink the child
  8. Warm up the placenta
  9. Leave newborn for the waiting of placenta
  10. Blowing to the face
  11. Blowing to the ears
  12. Feeding honey and sugar water


Newborn baby care for summer:

Most guardians use powder or oil on the baby’s skin in plenty which is harmful to the skin. Because of additional using powder, the pore is closed and General physical process is interrupted. It carries prickly heat and may be rash nape. The children should not be out in the sun too. The newborn must be prevented from sneezing-coughing. Children should be kept in a cool and comfortable environment. Once again wipe the sweat away with a dry soft cloth. Of course, the children wear comfortable clothing and soft cotton. The liquid will be plenty of food and drink for newborn mother and the children will benefit from the mother’s breast milk.


Newborn baby care for winter:

Keep covered with a quilt cotton robe. You can use a sweater. Use baby oil or Vaseline on the baby. During the day, open windows (in spite of cold air) to enter the sun and fresh air to the house.

Do not dry clothes in the house but in the sun, of course. Lie down and put the child with diapers at night. Don’t lie down the child under a mosquito or swing separately but keeping to the mother closely. This will warm the baby, the sincerity with the mother will be increased and the benefit of breastfeeding will be good. Stay away from the outside of the house. When the sun next to the window or on the porch, apply sun. Go to the doctor immediately if the newborn baby cough, sound breathing, can’t eat up milk, breath in trouble or the curve ribs with breathing.



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