Understanding your body during pregnancy is the first step.

During pregnancy, I think the body may complain of various malfunctions. It is a kind of morning or constipation. However, it seems that more women are trying to work hard as well as work, housework, and parenting as “I cannot rest this much.” In order to spend each day with your stomach baby, I asked Midwife Mrs. Shibata in detail what kind of body condition of the pregnant woman is, and how the husband can support it.

Women who cannot take a rest during housework during pregnancy

It seems that nuclear families are becoming a hot topic, but if the cooperation of a husband cannot be obtained during pregnancy, Mama must be carried by one person, housework and parenting. What kind of things are pregnant moms feeling uneasy? Also, is there a solution?

During pregnancy, is it negligent to think that you would like a husband to help her do little chores?
For healthy pregnant women who do not have any problems, they are doing anything oneself as they are before pregnancy.

I was doing housework and child-rearing as usual during my pregnancy. While pregnant, there were disorders in various parts of the body, but even when consulting with the obstetrics and gynecologist teacher “There is nothing as far as echoing, there is no problem if there is no bleeding”, so it is said that household chores I did not care about child care at all either.

Condition of pregnant body

  • The uterus grows day by day
  • Swelling caused by pressure of blood flow
  • Anemia
  • Kidney burden
  • Chronic fatigue feeling
  • Constipation
  • Sickness

As the baby grows, the uterus grows bigger and bigger, the stomach becomes heavier. And as body weight increases the blood flow in the body also changes. Also, when pregnant, Mr. Shibata talks about swelling of the lower body due to the weight of the stomach and pressure of the inguinal part (thigh and foot root) blood flow is compressed.

In order to raise the baby’s body, the amount of water required increases during pregnancy. It is good to supply moisture frequently, but you should avoid cold things even in hot weather. However, when the amount of moisture ingested increases, it is said that it will lead to swelling by diluting the blood and causing anemia and increasing the amount of water filtered by the kidneys.

In relation to morning sickness, Mrs. Shibata says that people who are getting worse have characteristics. If you have a lot of worries or care too much, your body will always be in tension.

Also, during pregnancy, I use a lot of energy from my mother for my baby, so I get tired when I try to do work, housework, child rearing etc. just like before pregnancy. They say that they try to make morning symptoms to force the body to rest.

Besides, the person whose body is easy to get cold weaken the work of the internal organs, symptoms of morning sickness may appear due to sagging etc.
How to spend worrying about pregnancy

Mrs. Shibata gave me five things I wanted to be aware of during pregnancy. During pregnancy, I think that there is uneasiness also in the preparation of baby supplies and the name of children, but is not there a lot of fun too? However, having a single body with multiple lives is not an ordinary condition.

Please take care of yourself enough during pregnancy.

  1. Let’s add strengthMr. Shibata says that muscle strength is key to alleviate the burden on the body during pregnancy and after childbirth. During pregnancy, it becomes the muscle of the part called inner muscle that supports the bigger belly, and that is very important.If the muscular strength of this part weakens, you may not be able to support your stomach; it may make your stomach tend to occur easily. Low back pain and leakage of urine, etc. seems to be related to lowering muscular strength.What is important to train inner muscle is “normal attitude”. During pregnancy, thinking that you should not put effort into your stomach, it tends to be a cupped back or warped waist, but it is counterproductive. Even when walking or sitting, just stretching the spine and conscious of posture, there is a change.However, as the mother works for the baby during pregnancy, it is easy to feel dullness, fatigue, and drowsiness. Let’s lie down and take a rest without impossible when the body shows that sign.
  2. Decline to use electronic equipmentDuring pregnancy, it is said that parasympathetic activity is important. The parasympathetic nerve works when the body is relaxing, and the sympathetic nerve becomes a nerve to raise blood pressure and actively move the body.When eyes receive a strong stimulus peculiar to electronic equipment such as smart phones and personal computers, the sympathetic nerve will work superiorly momentarily. When you are active, sympathetic nerves are in a working condition.Therefore, sympathetic nerves are working whenever you are doing work or housework when you are doing activities such as raising children above. When you are relaxing at home, if you touch an electronic device, the sympathetic nerve is working all day.It seems that the head may work, you may not be able to sleep at night, your stomach may stretch. It is said that it is good to make it as conscious as possible to rest your head as much as possible and conscious of the time that you can feel the baby’s appearance.
  3. Food is based on during pregnancyIf possible, we want to avoid additives, mainly nutritious diet, but if you care too much it will be stressful as it will be stressed.
    Doing so reduces the amount of nature and additives, making it easier to take nutrition.
  4. Pay close attention to chillingMrs. Shibata says that if a chicken egg is not constantly warming, as well as a baby of people the same as it does not return. Mama’s blood is used mostly for baby’s body.In order to bring mother’s blood to the baby, it seems necessary to have a warm body and blood flowing firmly. Do not cool with your feet or socks, so if your stomach is getting cold, let’s have a belly band.Do not let yourself get caught in summer, avoid cold drinks and food as much as possible, always carry your jacket with you, so please put on in a place where the cooler is strong. When you can walk again, you should walk a lot and raise your body temperature.

Husband should cooperate with wife

More calls to his wife

It is important to recognize that pregnant bodies are in a more difficult condition than the husband is looking at. Many of the husbands Mrs. Shibata saw seem to have been saying, “If you do not tell me, I do not know the tightness.” But not so, I say that I can feel relieved just by talking about my body even a trifling thing so that my wife can say that spiciness.

Feeling the presence of babies together

According to Mrs. Shibata’s experience, many babies who cry when their babies are born are not touching their belly during pregnancy.

Even if you did not feel a fetal movement during pregnancy, saying that the baby is “a hand at that time” by calling or touching it.

It also becomes a material to relieve your wife by touching your stomach. Especially for first-time pregnancy, women have great anxiety, so it would be nice to feel the presence of babies together.

Have a postpartum plan

About 3 weeks after childbirth, Mrs. Shibata says she wants her to think that he cannot do housework. Housekeeping is hard work than it looks. Therefore, if you do housekeeping, postpartum recovery is bad and you may get sick after a few months.

For three weeks after childbirth, let’s think about how to do when the wife does not do the housework, what to do when the way back is late, etc. before birth. Please try chores during pregnancy so that it will be okay when you are born.
I fully understand my body and can rely on my reliable environment

During pregnancy, if you rely on your husband’s or private service as much as possible even when you are in good condition, may not you have mental and physical strength as much as you can. It is only a person who is actually pregnant that can protect a stomach baby. I think that it is important that you first understand your physical condition so that your baby can be born with peace of mind.

The pregnancy life while preparing the body is shocked by the fact that it is obviously different from being pregnant when it was miscarried, and is acting to convey how to use the body before and after childbirth.

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