Procedure of Baby Tooth Brushing Start

When the baby’s teeth begin to grow, “You better brush your teeth?” “Wondering when is your baby’ s toothpaste?” We will introduce you from when to start, how to proceed to baby tooth brushing based on experience stories. In order to protect the teeth of the baby, I tried collecting the tricks to have a fun toothpaste training. Please refer to Mom who is suffering from it soon.

Baby Tooth Brushing – Signs for the start as teeth grow

When should my baby start teething? In conclusion, baby tooth brushing start should be done from 6 months to 1 year old when teeth begin to grow.

Babies at this time are mainly baby food and breast milk, and there is no snacking. Therefore, we can keep the inside of the mouth clean, with the power of saliva. So let’s do brushing little by little to get used to a toothbrush, not for cleaning purposes.

It is good to let the baby grab the toothbrush for the baby from when the mother wipes it with gauze or towel.

Baby Tooth Brushing – What to do before starting tooth brushing training

As soon as anything starts, even adults may be upset, especially babies. Because it is a delicate part, such as in the mouth, the baby also reacts sensitively. Follow step by step, let’s work on it.

  • Touch with limbs, face, and mouth around with affection
  • If you get used to it, touching the inside of the mouth with a clean finger makes it better
  • I will wipe the mouth with gauze
  • Show parents and brothers having fun tooth brushing

Because it is a delicate part in mouth and mouth, it is the key to how to touch without discomfort. Instead of trying to touch the inside of the mouth immediately, the steps up to it are important. It is possible to take in love touching even in play. After that, I will bring it to where I care for the inside of my mouth.

We are preparing our minds just by showing them that they are happy every day. When my mum is polished as an interesting baby in tooth brushing, may it brush my teeth brushing together?
Start tooth brushing by age and how to care

I will tell you how to care for tooth brushing by age.

Baby Tooth Brushing – When teeth begin to grow (0 to 6 months)

About 0 to 6 months when teeth begin to grow, there is no worry about tooth decay. Let’s get used to touching your mouth by putting your fingers in your mouth or inside your mouth and touching it.
Care points

  • Let’s use hot water cooler as much as possible for hydration other than breasts and milk
  • Let me just do whatever I like for me, OK
  • After breastfeeding, wiping off the teeth with wet gauze or letting you drink a hot water cooler is also good

Baby Tooth Brushing – When the lower front teeth grow

When the lower front teeth grow, I will finally start cleaning!

The lower anterior teeth are less prone to tooth decay because saliva will remove dirt. However, from now on Let’s get used to tooth brushing
Care points

  • Let’s wipe the teeth once a day using gauze
  • Let’s make a drink and eat kid after the rice
  • It is OK to give a toothbrush for your baby

Baby Tooth Brushing – When the front teeth grow up and down two by two

The upper teeth on top are the most tooth decayed teeth! It is the start of full-scale care when 4 plants are grown up and down!
Care points

  • Let’s give a toothbrush for a baby
  • Let mama finish polish
  • While you can not gargle, you need a rinse-free,

Baby Tooth Brushing – When the front teeth grow up and down, four at a time (1-year-old)

When four front teeth grow, the amount of food to eat will increase and food will be caught in the teeth will increase. Let’s make toothpaste before going to bed a habit.
Care points

  • Let’s change it to use a cup from a baby bottle
  • Avoid sweets as much as possible
  • We decide time for snacks and meals, so as not to eat lazily

Baby Tooth Brushing – When the back teeth grow (1 year and 2 months)

Well, the back teeth are beginning to grow! Because there is a groove in the back teeth, food is easy to clog. Children will be more likely to be infected by Mongolian daughter and daddy fungus when it is time to get older teeth (around 1 year and a half around 2 and a half years old). You need careful tooth brushing and caring for your dietary habits.
Care points

  • Let’s have a good finish polish before going to bed
  • Let’s habit to brush your teeth after eating
  • Get used to tooth brushing by grabbing a knack!

About six months when teeth begin to grow, and you can grasp your toothbrush yourself, it is time to start brush training. Even if you say toothpaste, there are still many babies who do not want to hold the toothbrush well and still dislikes to put in the mouth.

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