Irritant diaper dermatitis

How to remove Irritant diaper dermatitis from your baby skin?

 Irritant diaper dermatitis is the very common for every baby thereby their skin look like red splotches, red scales, and rash. It is very painful for every toddler which are worn long time baby diaper.  While baby wears a too-tight diaper, prolonged, skin is exposed to urine and stool then diaper rash occurred rapidly. So every mom should consider staying as far away as possible a tight-fitting diaper to her baby. Following Here we have explained the removing process of diaper rash from the baby sensitive skin.

 1. Diaper must be clean and dry:

Make sure baby’s diaper is clean even dry because it is the most important against irritated.  To keep the area dry you have to place them without a diaper some part of the day. After changing your Baby’s diaper you must be clean skin with a soft cloth and warm water.  Don’t use soap or baby wipes if diaper rash is present because those are more likely to spread bacteria on the baby skin.


2. Need clean to your hand for remove Irritant diaper dermatitis:

Hand wash is most important for changing a diaper and you must be checked at least every two hours. If you notice that babe’s diapers are wet immediately you have to change it. Remain your baby diaper free as long as possible it will be helpful to keep skin dry.


3.  Apply cream:

Rash presented area or if you see skin stays red you have to apply the antifungal cream. After consulting the doctor you can apply this treatment to the baby’s affected area.    According to the doctor recommended you have to apply 2 or 3 times per day until the rash is removed.          


4. Avoid Plastic pants:

Air tide Plastic pants are harmful to occurring diaper rash. It will be better if you stay away Plastic pants from your baby. Skin read marks, irritation is one of the most reason of plastic pant.

5. Oatmeal:

Antioxidant present oatmeal is most important for skin inflammation and diaper rash. Oatmeal establishes a protective barrier around the diaper area and saves it from the yeast infection to baby. Oatmeal mainly uses as like a gel it’s very effective to remove diaper rash.


   6.  Anti-fungal treatments:

 If inflammation of the skin is seen on your baby’s skin then you have to visit the doctors and you can take Anti-fungal treatments. Ointment or powder are included in anti-fungal treatment. When yeast infection is out of control then as much as possible you have to accept Anti-fungal treatments for infant skin.

 7. Cod liver oil:

Vitamin A and D presents Cod liver oil is most effective for removing diaper rash. Cod liver oil helps to heal the wounds and thereby cell is regeneration. To avoid diaper rash Cod liver oil can be used it also most effective. Cod liver oil is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids which are workable against diaper rash and works faster.


Consciousness is the most important to avoid baby irritant diaper dermatitis. Mom should check the diaper so that it is not wet in order to wet diaper rash will more likely to affect. If the symptoms are very serious you will be visiting the dermatologist.


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