Newborn baby messages

Some exclusive Newborn baby messages here you can find.

Newborn baby messages – Being a newborn baby’s mom and dad is a great feeling whatever boy and girl? As the nearest everyone should wish couples including baby’s names. It brings great inspiration even make great feelings to new mom and dad.   As usually, people sent a card, flowers but a message can be too much inspiration and will go become lovely keepsakes for years to come. Conducting social media site you can share your feelings with the newborn baby parents with the photograph. Here you can find some exclusive Newborn baby message is available. Messages have vividly pointed out below.


Awesome Newborn baby messages for wishes new baby mom

  1. Congratulation. Your newborn will bring you into a new phase even unleash you delighted in your life. Best wishes for you.
  2. Being a new mom and dad is an overwhelming feeling and it’s the best journeys in life. Now you have to be the great mom and responsible dad.
  3. As ideal parents, you have to keep attention even extra care for your sweet angel. Congratulations to you both.
  4. Your sleepless night and extra care for your new toddler is an amazing feeling and this feeling is priceless to every parent. Congratulations on having a cute baby.
  5. Its true no one else will be memorized her children better than their mother, best wishes for you for being a great mom.
  6. Most of the joy and cheers are waiting for your life yes getting a cute baby you will be a super mom. Best of luck.
  7. Getting a sweet baby is something that changes you indefinitely have enjoyed your life that you will never forget.
  8. You’re baby’s breath, gentle kisses, a soft smile can’t compare than other in this world even it’s the great feeling of being a mom. Congratulations.
  9. Take care a newborn baby is an incomparable thing and can’t compare with money and that ideal job is done by mom. Best wishes to you and your special baby.
  10. I congratulate you for you are getting a new life, new phage of your life which is the more powerful inspiration for you.
  11. As a mom your pregnancy sickness, uncomfortable food cravings, sleepless night all will you forget when you feel your baby’s smile, tiny hand even leg.
  12. Good wishes to you as a new mom. The love of moms is infinitive along with can’t measurement .take care your toddler.
  13. The world most sweet and peaceful word is “mother” everybody agrees on this. Now you become a new mom congratulation you and your baby best of luck.
  14. She comes to the earth with a good luck and good wishes for her good health. Congratulate both of you may god bless your family.
  15. Little one wishes you much more to come which is auditioned to your family and grace of God new one.
  16. You are the lucky mom who gets a little angle I wish your angle continuously give out rays of sunshine and joy to the people around.
new baby wishes
New Baby Messages

Exclusive congratulations baby message wishes for baby boy and girl

The arrival of a baby in a family is an unforgettable moment, usually lived with great emotion and tenderness. It is customary for witnesses of this event to offer presents on such occasions. But what is truer, more personal and more sincere than a beautiful message of congratulations that will move the happy parents and touch them right to the heart? In addition, they will be able to keep your card indefinitely.

Here is a selection of refined, simple or original texts to send an unforgettable congratulatory card to your family and friends.

New baby girl wishes – Congratulation on the birth of a girl

  • Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! May his life be made of laughter, songs, joy, and discoveries!
  • A little fairy has come into your home: take great care of it and she will make every day a wonder constantly renewed! Congratulations to your family!
  • This newly born baby girl is very lucky to have parents like you: loving, caring and caring. Receive our sincere congratulations!
  • You must be thrilled and proud to be the parents of such an adorable little girl. Accept our best wishes for this happy event!
  • Life has given you a real treasure: this little concentrate of love and tenderness will brighten up your days with new and unforgettable emotions. Congratulations!

New baby boy wishes – Congratulation on the birth of a boy

  • Baby is finally here! This little boy is now part of your family; to see him grow and flourish will be for you, his parents, a source of wonder unlike any other. Congratulations!
  • It’s a boy? Warm congratulations! This little man who has just been born will make you experience, it is certain, the joys and the pride of being parents.
  • We are excited to hear about the birth of your little boy; this little being came into the world so that your heart could overflow with love and affection. Sincere congratulations!
  • You will see how this little boy will make you smile or cry with joy, marvel and soften you all at once! Warm congratulations to the whole family!
  • Welcome to (first name)! May life be sweet to him, in this cocoon of love and tenderness of which you will certainly know how to surround him! All our congratulations to the happy parents!

New Baby Messages – Congratulation on the birth of a twins

  • The birth of twins is both a moment of intense happiness and terrifying anxiety. However, love always manages to overcome fears, especially when it is multiplied by two. Sincere congratulations!
  • Twice the love, hugs, kisses, tenderness and sleepless nights! Life has made you a precious gift with these twins. The difficult moments will, no doubt, largely offset by moments of rare intensity that few parents have the pleasure of experiencing. Congratulations!
  • Warm congratulations on the birth of your twins! Seeing your family fulfilled and your babies healthy gives us great joy. Thank you for allowing us to share this happiness with you!
  • Double congratulations to (first name) and (first name) parents! These two little beings that will melt your heart also reserve you a new life, full of surprises.
  • Being born at the same time as your soul mate is there a better way to come into the world? Congratulations to parents filled with (first name) and (first name)!

New Baby Messages – Congratulation for the grandparents

  • Become grandparents, what a huge happiness! I know this child is very lucky because he will be spoiled and cherished as he should be. Congratulations!
  • You will finally be able to play the most rewarding part of your life: cuddling and spoiling your little son / little girl. Know how to enjoy every moment!
  • That’s it: you’re grandma and grandma now! I would have loved to have you for grandparents because I know how amazing you are in this role.

New Baby Messages – Congratulation for the colleague

  • Dear friends, we are excited to hear about the birth of your baby. The whole family joins me in sending you his most sincere congratulations.
  • It is with great emotion that we have just learned the birth of your baby (first name). We would like to extend our warmest congratulations for this long-awaited event.
  • Dear (names), what an immense joy to finally know your parents! We send our best wishes for happiness and health today to this little angel. CONGRATULATIONS BY SMS
  • Baby is finally here! Our sincere congratulations to the happy parents!
  •  Welcome to the little one (first name)! Best wishes for happiness to all three!
  • This little baby will make your life a delight. Warm congratulations!
  • Congratulations on the birth of your little girl/boy! Today begins the most beautiful love stories with your child. No more monotonous days, because the life of a child is always made of twists. May you enjoy every moment of happiness that his presence will bring you over the years!
  • Receive all our compliments for this beautiful baby! We are very much looking forward to meeting him. Kisses to all three!
  • Welcome to this world to your little (first name)! Your life will be transformed, but you will never stop marveling. Congratulations to the whole family!

New Baby Messages –  orginal congratulation

  • A new chapter in your life has just begun: you have just entered parenthood. It’s a stunning experience, full of surprises and incredible wealth. Know how to enjoy every moment. Congratulations on this beautiful baby!
  • It is surely with great emotion that you hold in your arms this fragile little being, the child that you have been waiting for so long. Take good care of your little angel, who will be a real ray of sunshine in your home! Congratulations!
  • I remember the first days with my binoculars: their first smiles, their first hugs. These moments are precious and unforgettable. Know how to take advantage of every moment of tenderness and intimacy with your new little angel. Congratulations to both of you!


In our life, one of the happiest as well as hilarious situations is coming a new baby whatever baby or girl in parent’s life. Anyone can express their opinion investing clear few sweet words and can share your rejoicing and happiness for the lucky new parents.


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