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How do you stop the baby crying you must know?

It is difficult to understand the timing and the reason for newborn baby crying. Why are you crying? What should I do? There should be many moms troubled with. I do not understand why I cannot stop crying It is a point of how to mislead that mommy and baby communicate comfortably to each other.

Is the baby crying with a loud voice, is there something? Is he feeling ill? It will be uneasy.

If the baby is sorry too much, what should I do? Mama will rush. Here, we will introduce the procedure and tricks of how to bother when the baby is crying.

Step 1: you get started crying first for stop newborn baby crying

When the baby who slept well often started to cry, I was wondering what I should do first. Let’s first check whether there is “discomfort” for the baby like the following.
Confirm body discomfort (diapers · temperature · eczema and insect bites)

Babies in the neonatal period are sensitive to tactile sensations and olfaction instead of the undeveloped eyes and ears. Babies crying may feel uncomfortable about their bodies.

Let’s check the condition of the whole body, whether the diaper is not dirty, the temperature is too hot or too cold, eczema or insect bites, such as painful or itchy. If the body is hot, let’s also measure the heat.

Baby crying – Confirm whether it is hungry

Even if your baby is hungry you cannot tell by words. The only way to convey hunger is to cry. Let’s see what time we made milk and milk last.

If you give up your breasts, you may sleep as it is. Perhaps you are relieved to drink mother’s boobs.
I am not used to the world outside my stomach yet.

My baby has lived in my stomach for 10 months. The inside of the stomach was dark and very quiet, only the heart sound of the mother was heard, and it drifted in the amniotic fluid swaying, the body stuck to the wall of the uterus perfectly. Since it came out to the outside world in a stretch from that state, there are times when I am crying without getting used yet. In that case, try the following measures.

  • I will give you a towel on your chest when you cry at bathing
  • Use toys that can hear heart sounds
  • I will embrace it sideways and gently with lying on my face (caution on breathing)
    Shake it with a gentle rhythm
  • It is said that it is effective to wrap firmly with a wallet. It is safe to reproduce the environment in the womb.

Step 2: When removing unpleasant elements does not stop newborn baby crying?

A baby who will not stop crying whatever you do. Such crying is not coming from discomfort, it may be another cause.
Crying seizure (stress divergence)

When suddenly crying out with a loud voice, no matter what you do, if you do not stop crying, it may be a ‘crying snake’. It is possible that this crying loudly for the baby is “stress dissipation”.

Professionally it is called “crying snake attack” or “colic (colic).” It is also called “twilight crying” because it is about evening because the time to cry tears often.

There are many until about 2 months of age, and it disappears spontaneously from about 5 months. It will last 30 to 40 minutes in time. Mom is very tired refresh with inspiration.

When it does not stop crying even if all correspondence is done, it is good to sing a lullaby song, put it on hugs or a piggyback cord and bring it out. Also, even if you are not embracing, you can take a stroller by walking around the neighborhood, driving a car, driving the baby himself also interested in other things, the mother himself is more anguish at home It might be refreshed.

Even when we do housework and do housekeeping when you cannot take outside, such as late time, cold, rainy days, babies may be able to get in close contact with moms and be relieved.
In order not to make such a fading an approach  danger “shaking sway syndrome”

“Shaking Syndrome Syndrome” caused by continuing rocking the baby more strongly than necessary. It is a collective term for diseases caused by shaking a baby strongly. Intracranial haemorrhage and fundus bleeding may occur and it may result in death.

It is not the first thing to do with normal common sense Shovel but beware of the following things.

  • I do not rock the baby relentlessly
  • It will not rise high until the age of 1
  • Take care that you do not hit your head with grabbing or walking
  • Even if the baby cries, I feel relaxed.Babies are also human beings. Sometimes you want to appeal for comfort, discomfort, sometimes you cannot be satisfied in the same way as usual.Mama is also a human being. Sometimes I get tired and irritated, but the only way for a baby to cry is to show myself. I want to engage with feeling relaxed as much as possible.

    Nonetheless, I do not want to save my tiredness. I hope you can frequently diverge with your dad or someone close to you, and the reward treats time.

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