Stop Bottle feeding: Why and how to stop bottle feeding?

Baby Bottle: Do you know why and how to Stop bottle feeding?

Your Precious baby is now at the age where they are habituated with other sturdy foods. But your baby is still bottle feeding rather than a sippy cup. This makes your sensible mind wonder that aren’t your baby is too old to drink from the bottle? Isn’t this alarming that your baby is still feeding on the bottle? Yes, mommy dearest if your baby is more than 1 year old he or she is too old to drink from the bottle and yes it is alarming that your precious baby is still habituated with a bottle because this habit can cause problems in the long run. But no worries help is on the way, here in this article we will provide you with some easy tricks which will help your baby to say stop bottle feeding.

Why stop bottle feeding?

Why stop bottle feeding
Why stop bottle feeding

When the baby gets up to the age of 6 to 7 months they are introduced to other foods. Bottles are used as a replacement for breastfeeding because as a mother you can have practical reasons to stop breastfeeding your child, for example, getting back to the work or conceiving again. The expert pediatrics has discovered that bottle feeding the baby for a long passage of time can cause certain problems in the growth and health of the infants. Some of the major problems of bottle feeding are:


Frightful risk of tooth decay:  You feel very relaxed of giving the bottle to your baby the entire day but you did not realize that your relaxation is giving your precious baby a harmful threat of tooth decay. Because the entire day being in the contact of milk and juice through the bottle is causing cavities to those white pearls of your baby and by giving a bottle in the bedtime without brushing those little teeth is adding more harm to the palate.

Unwanted Obesity:  Your adorable baby tends to consume more with bottles than he or she does while nursing with breastfeeding or sippy cup. The pediatrics have found in their research that the babies seem to consume 16 to 24oz of milk while feeding with bottles. This excessive consumption can lead to an unwanted obesity for your baby because milk tends to be higher in calories than other sturdy foods.

Risking that heartwarming smile: The smile of your precious baby is the most heart melting thing for you in the entire world isn’t it? Now, do you really want to do anything that ruins this smile? Well, a recent research has shown that exorbitant use of bottles can cause crooked teeth for the babies. Feeding on the bottle can alter the mussel growth of mouth and jaw alignment.

How to stop bottle feeding?

How to stop bottle feeding
How to stop bottle feeding

Mommy dearest, now that you are completely apprehensive about the problems that bottle feeding can cause to your adorable baby, now you want to look for remedies to put a pause to this bottle feeding. The trick is simple, the trick is to start slowly but ending up efficiently. Build a plan where both you and your baby can be flexible. Here are a few tricks for stop bottle feeding that you can follow:


Patience: You have to have patience while stating this plan. Observe your baby carefully to figure out when your precious baby is prone to make a conversion to a cup than a bottle.


The gradual shift: Don’t rush it! Putting a pause suddenly can cause pain to your baby because he or she is pretty much habituated to it rather take it slow and make a gradual shift towards cups or sippy cups.

Sippy cups: Yes momma, sippy cup is a significant alternative. Get the baby a sippy cup, pursue him or her to get familiar with it. When he or she will make friendship with sippy cup it will be easier for the baby to say adios to bottles. Sippy cups are suggested because they are hassle-free and spill-prof.

Reduce bottle feeding times: It is clear that your baby has grown an attachment with his or her bottle, but the key solution is to make him or her fond of sturdy foods. Reduce his or her happy times with the bottles by offering him or her solid foods. First, take it at a steady pace, slowly the baby will give signs that he or she is willing for the transition.

Reward the baby: Mommy, up until now your baby is doing the hard work by accepting the change now it is your turn to return the favor. Rather offering him a bottle before bedtime makes his or her favorite snack and compliment them every time when they finish their milk in their sippy cups.

As a concerned mother, you obliged to do what is best for your children. The transition process will take time. You cannot expect the transition will happen over a night. And as we said earlier patience is the key, you must have patience and follow this simple steps, be assured that your baby will adapt to this process smoothly.


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