Tips for weight control during pregnancy

Tips for weight control during pregnancy

Tips for weight control during pregnancy.During pregnancy, not only eating habits but also daily life habits etc. should be reviewed that do not increase the weight more than necessary are necessary.

As the baby gets bigger, it is not healthy simply by “simple eating”, it will lead to failure.For a tummy baby, let’s find a way to control your weight healthy for you.

Light exercise into everyday life (Tips for weight control during pregnancy)

Pregnancy tends to lack exercise when your stomach gets bigger. However, in order to manage weight, it is best to incorporate a little exercise.

For pregnant women, exercise that does not burden the body is still walking. Let’s try to make many opportunities to enjoy walking every day, such as going for a walk in the park for a change of pace or enjoying window shopping.

I will introduce recommended exercise methods to pregnant women so let’s challenge them.

Recently, there are places where training menus for pregnant women such as maternity beds and swimming are carried out, so let’s go once or twice a week.

One item on meal menu (Tips for weight control during pregnancy)

Because the meal of pregnant mother becomes a nutrition source of the baby, the stomach is also available, and many people eat too much too much.

However, as you can eat when you are hungry for anything, you cannot manage your weight in the eating habits. Let’s begin by devising menus etc. of everyday meals.

Lots of vegetables, less fat

Let’s take a healthy menu with a high nutritional value and make meals that are not stressful.

For example, you can change it to a vegetable-based meal without reducing the amount, and you can do as many ingenuity as trying meat and fish with less fat.

Also note the recipe

Even if you change to a menu such as steamed dishes or simmered dishes without using oil, you can suppress the calorie intake.

One way is to avoid eating between meals and to make dinner time faster. If you are hungry and you want to eat snacks, you can try making it yourself.

If you make it at home you can make a healthier still guard than a commercial sweet. Even refraining from salt intake will allow you to control your weight, so let’s try a method that suits you.

Keeping weight control before pregnancy in early pregnancy

At the beginning of the pregnancy the weight gain of the fetus is small, and at this time many pregnant women tend to gain weight more than I thought.

Easy to get fat, but it is difficult to get nutritious to lose weight, and if you notice in the late pregnancy where the growth of the fetus advances it will result in a weight that is significantly exceeded in the maternity hospital.

It is possible to prevent the weight gain after that by keeping the weight before pregnancy as little as possible in the early stage of pregnancy of the weight of the fetus as well.

“It is not easy to eat even if you eat slightly more because you got pregnant”, it is a point to manage weight at this time firmly.


Let’s be on a scale every day

It is not necessary to stay on the scale a number of times a day, but it is important that you get on your scale at about the fixed time, such as after getting up in the morning, or after taking a bath.

Since weight changes greatly just by eating a meal, weigh the body under the same conditions as much as possible and let’s know about the weight gain.

Let’s record

When you record the weight of your every day, has it increased a bit? Should I eat a bit more? And it will be easier to respond flexibly.

Let’s attach weight records to a corner of a notebook or diary. Of course, we can make it as a graph, but the easiest way to continue is the best.

With the accumulation of bowl accounts, because it is difficult to manage weight, leave it on the record and let’s manage your weight while setting your goals.

Attention also to stress!

Although it is not limited to pregnancy, there seems to be a lot of people trying to clear up the mouth with appetite as stress accumulate.

During pregnancy, stress is likely to accumulate somewhat because sudden changes of hormones, morning sickness, and the poor physical condition can occur irrespective of feelings.

Everyone has heard the word maternity wear for about once.

It is one of the troubles of pregnancy that control of feelings does not stop as you think. As a result of that, you eat too much and often gain weight. It is important not to accumulate stress.

Because it does not create stress, it is best to drive in whatever you want even if you do not want to accumulate.

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