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How to wash your baby’s face?

In the care that you bring every day to your baby, there is the toilet of his face.
The eyes, the nose, the ears are the sensitive points.
We offer some guides and some useful gestures for this little daily toilet.

Just as with the bath, preparing the necessary equipment in advance guarantees you a certain serenity (because it can not be said that your baby will actually appreciate his facials at every step), and safety.

Never leave your baby alone on the changing table.

The perfect time to clean your baby’s face is just after the bath.

How to wash your baby’s face?

To clean your baby’s face, you need:

– sterile compress
– a little warm water
– small discs or squares of cotton
– her lotion or her milk, her dry skin cream
– and possibly cotton swabs with “special baby toe”, although their use is increasingly discouraged.

 • Clean your baby’s eyes

You noticed that small secretions form in the corner of your baby’s eyes.
Using a sterile compress where you put a few drops of saline, you clean your baby’s eye, starting from the inside corner of the eye, going out.
Do not forget to change the compress for each eye!

• Clean your baby’s ears

Do not use conventional cotton swabs to clean your baby’s ears, cotton swabs with safety tips are specially designed for them.
Moreover, if you go to an ENT, this one will encourage you to ban the use of cotton buds, preferring them a small cotton flare that you apply just at the entrance of the conduit.
The problem with cotton swabs is that they can cause ear wax plugs.
It is not necessary to clean the ear canal entrance more than twice a week.

On the other hand, you will notice that “small skins” are detached in the ear pavilion (especially in the hem that borders the ear), and especially behind the ears.

It is at these places that you can use small cotton discs soaked in lukewarm water.
The warm water will help take off those small dead skin that has accumulated.

Do not try to remove all these little dead skins. While one part is ready to come on cotton, another part still remains attached to your baby’s skin, trying to remove it would hurt him.

• Clean your baby’s nose

You impregnate a small cotton rocket with the physiological serum that you ride well, you pass it in one of the nostrils.

The second nostril is made with another small rocket, rolled and soaked with physiological serum, your baby may not appreciate it, but it is the sweetest method that is likely to trigger sneezing.

For more details on the different methods to clean your baby’s nose, check out the paper: Clean the nose of her baby
and now the simplest and sweetest after these different interventions that may have triggered quite lively reactions in your baby.

• Clean your baby’s face

Starting with the cleanest areas and going to the most “dirty” areas (if you can really say this for a baby’s face, especially after the bath …), you pass a cotton soaked in lotion, Milk or simply warm water especially if your baby has an acne breakout in his first weeks of life by starting with the forehead, temples, cheeks, chin, to end up in the mouth.

If your baby has dry skin, then apply the care cream that was recommended to you by your child’s pediatrician, or your pharmacist.
A little soft brush stroke when necessary and here is a little bit of toilet finished!

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