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What do you need to know about baby care right now?

Everyone has desired to baby care to their newborn baby will be healthy. In the house for the arrival of a new guest brings a lot of joy into everyone’s mind. And also fears exist in baby care. Are you looking for proper baby care of it? Today we like to give you some guidelines after discussing with a baby care specialist.

☼The essential you need to know for your baby care:

✯Baby mother’s milk:

Mother’s milk is the right of the child. After the birth of a baby will be healthy needs all the nutrients has in mother’s

mother milk
mother milk

milk. Therefore, breast milk is the best food for the child. Around the world, it is recognized’ the need of the mother’s milk for health security and physical structure. On child health according to specialists, the amount of nutrition of mother’s milk is more effective than any other alternative liquid. For babies, breast milk is the ideal food of sound protein, vitamins, and a mixture of protected constituents. A special type of sugar called lactose in breast milk which helps the baby to fill up calcium deficiency in the body.


✯Taking the bath for baby care:

Taking the bath for baby
Taking the bath for baby


The child will take bath twice a week until one and half months age 3 days in a row. Then every day should be to clean up the baby. And you can use Baby shampoo or soap for baby care available in the market. Remember it will be different for seasons.



✯Baby’s navel:

The Navel should be kept dry. It usually falls down within 7 to 14 days after drying. And don’t do anything neither antiseptic nor any sevlon. If you notice anything unexpected, go to a doctor.

✯Haircuts for baby care:

baby hair cutting
baby hair cutting

We often make the children bald with blades that we shouldn’t do it. Especially I can’t do it at the age of 2 months of the baby because of thick skin that’s harmful.


✯The baby care of the eyes:

Baby’s eyes gently need to be cleaned with a cloth for every day. And before beginning, you must wash your hands for your baby care. In water soak a cloth and compress it gently.

✯Supplementary vaccine:

Supplementary vaccine
Supplementary vaccine

We take antibodies to kids to extraordinarily diminish their odds of contracting genuine sicknesses, for example, Mumps, diphtheria, Hepatitis, measles, rubella, lockjaw, meningitis, and polio. And you must know Child vaccination schedule (EPI program) -within 14 days after birth, you have to take BCG and OPI Bhi -0 and 6 weeks or two months (45 days) of age. Penta 1, pisibhi 1 and OPI Bhi 1. And thus the vaccine continue to for your baby care.



☼The probable problems you will face for your baby:

☃The late cry of the baby:

It is often heard about the late cry of the infant. Then you have to understand the child not getting oxygen rightly. This situation is called asphyxia part. Whatever the infant is in the womb of the mother, he doesn’t feel trouble. When he comes out from the belly of his mom, he doesn’t understand how to use the breath. However, the baby will cry again after the entries clear of his breathing. So slap backs of the little child quickly after birth if he doesn’t cry for a short time.


☃Infantile Spasms:

Infantile Spasms
Infantile Spasms

In the first year of life ordinarily between the ages of three and eight months, Infantile Spasms start.The worthy example of childish fits highlights slight head weaving, which turns out to be faster after some time. In the long run, the tyke starts to have extensors, flexor, or blended fits and the probability causes given below by bullet points:

       ☠  Flex-or fits are the most widely seen.

        ☠ The tyke’s neck, arms, and legs draw towards his trunk.

        ☠ The tyke frequently twists at the abdomen in a “folding blade” change.

          ☠Extensors fits are the minimum normal.

          ☠The tyke’s neck, legs and arms extend.

          ☠Blended fits, in which the tyke’s body and arms contract and his legs extend, are

                    additionally exceptionally normal.

☃Baby Fainting:

A kid can faint for various conceivable reasons. The most well-known reason for blacking out is an impermanent drop in blood pressure. Blacking out on account of low circulatory strain is regularly called a “vagal” or “vasovagal” scene. A tyke will probably have a drop in circulatory strain in the event that they:

☠are got dried out (from over the top sweating, the runs or regurgitating).

☠ have not been eating.

☠have been stopping for quite a while.

☠are unwell.

☃Increased body temperature:

There’s most likely no compelling reason to stress, in temperature of the fact that a fever in itself seldom causes suffering. It’s quite recently your child’s method for building a barrier against it. Microscopic organisms and infections think that it is harder to survive when your child’s body temperature rises.

☃Body gone cold:

We all know winter appears as so much worse to protect your baby. Try your best techniques to fight against cold temperature balanced and keep your baby healthy.

☃Neonatal jaundice:

it is called jaundice when your baby skin color goes to yellow color after two or three days of his birth. Jaundice in the first week often develops its spread. Jaundice can be seen in babies who are sick and early born.

☃Many odors or pus accumulated in navel:

Due to many causes, a smelly belly button can rise, for lack of personal cleanliness to bacterial diseases. Just save facing outward belly buttons to protect in developing infections.

☃Persistent vomiting:

Persistent vomiting in infants and kids is the most common causes and gastroenteritis. This may happen by a virus or bacteria which causes diarrhea. The signs can be bothersome but after a few days, your baby will normally start to feel healthier. However, it can sometimes affect your child to get seriously dehydrated and hardly it can be a sign of anything more dangerous.

☃Less than normal baby movements:

There are several causes a child may move less. Maternal stress or nutritional problems, premature rupture of membranes, placental abruption, fetal hypoxia and many ones can be fixed by going to a specialist.



☼What to do if the baby not takes a breath ?


Clean up the baby’s whole body very well with a soft cloth to remove.

baby breathing trouble
baby breathing trouble

If the dark green bathroom found on Nose, mouth and on ears, clean up with clear cloth taking the round finger.

Rub repeatedly by the palm of the hand of the lower part on the back of the baby along the spine from the bottom.

Often notice the breathing and the child’s body tone. If the baby’s lips, the tongue is pinkish in color, give the child breast milk.



☼Never do if the baby not takes a breath:

☯Don’t hang on the baby with feet at the bottom of the head.

☯Do not hit him anywhere in the body.

☯Don’t splash her face with cold water.

☯Not blowing into the ears or nose.

☯Do not let pressure the baby’s chest cage.

☯Let not wait for the placenta leave the baby.

☯Do not feed honey or sugar water.



☼The cares for your newborn baby in the summer:

Never use under any circumstances, very large amounts of powder or baby oil, which is harmful to the baby’s tender skin. As a result, the pore of baby’s skin are being closed by using the powder and the physical process is interrupted. And because of the child’s prickly heat and rashes can be shown. Never come out to the newborn baby in the additional sun. Don’t t sneeze-cough before the newborn. Keep your child in the cool and comfortable environment. Once again very gently with a dry, soft cloth remove body sweating skin. Let the baby’s mother drink plenty of water and eat food. Children will receive adequate nutrients from the mother’s breast milk.



☼The cares for your newborn baby in the winter:

baby care in winter
baby care in winter

Put it on hold quilt overlaid with a soft cotton cloth to the baby. Use more winter sweater. Use baby oil or lotion on the baby skin for baby care. All the doors and windows open during the day so that the sun and fresh air can enter.

Of course dry in the sun to dry clothes, not in the child’s room. Lie down and put your child to bed at night time diapers. Please do not ever separate baby swing. Let the baby sleep with parents. The children will be warm, with parents and sincerity increase will benefit the mother’s breast milk. Try not to take children out of the house. When the sun porch of the house, get out of bed by the window of the room to lie down or turn sunny. When coughing, breathing the word drag, drag milk calls a doctor immediately.


There are a lot of small things to keep in mind for baby care, you can protect your beloved ones.

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